Admission training by ESCP: our vision of a successful application

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Manon Delespierre
International Recruiter, Bachelor in Management (B.Sc.), ESCP Business School

About the Webinar

Top 5 Key Takeaways

During this webinar, we hope that you will gain a better understanding of:

  • The 3 main steps in an application - CV, Personal Statement and Interview
  • Soft skills, and how to use them to boost your application (concrete examples)
  • Things to avoid in your CV and Personal Statement, and step up from the crowd (concrete examples)
  • What to think about while getting ready for the interviews
  • Things you should not do during the interviews

The Admission Training session is an opportunity to get prepared for the kind of hustles candidates face while applying to Business Schools. Join online Miss Manon Delespierre, recruiter for the Bachelor programme at ESCP Business School (Berlin), to understand the various steps needed to complete the online application in the best possible way, as well as give concrete advice on getting prepared for the interview. Most of all, this webinar will insist on soft skills, often overlooked by candidates, yet critical in the assessment of an application.

Miss Delespierre will hold this training session together with a final year student from the programme, Miss Runze Hun, Student Ambassador for the Berlin campus, who will be happy to contribute to the topic with live tips and return of experience from the source.

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