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Group presentation by Hong Kong's best Universities

About the Webinar

Meet international students attending Hong Kong’s top 8 universities.

•    Listen to students from Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Korea, and Vietnam.
•    Get the inside scoop on life in Hong Kong, home to a huge variety of cultures.
•    Learn about campus life, clubs, sports, activities, festivals as well as student halls and accommodation.
•    Hear about their experiences in classrooms, tutorials, group projects, study abroad exchange programmes, and in internships with some of the world’s largest companies.

Find out why these students love Hong Kong at

This is an exclusive session featuring Hong Kong's leading Universities:

City University of Hong Kong - Hong Kong Baptist University - Lingnan University - The Chinese University of Hong Kong - The Education University of Hong Kong - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University - The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - The University of Hong Kong