The Tech Industry in Vancouver

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Vanessa Fiabane
Recruitment manager at New York Institute of Technology Vancouver Campus
Elisa Kimus
M.B.A Alumnus
I finished my MBA program this August, and I was pleased to get a job offer before my graduation date. Today, I'm a project coordinator at Sharc Energy Systems.
Izabela Salgado
M.B.A Alumnus
I had an excellent experience at New York Tech Vancouver. I could better understand the North American market and meet people from all over the world, which, along with my goals and commitment, were essential to my relocation in the Canadian job market right after graduation.
Felipe Albuquerque
IT Assistant at NYIT

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New York Institute of Technology Vancouver is a private, degree-granting, not-for-profit global institute, committed to educating the next generation of leaders, inspiring innovation, and advancing applications-oriented research and entrepreneurship. NYIT Vancouver offers Master degree programs including Cybersecurity, Instructional Technology, Energy Management, Business Administration, as well as Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. New York Institute of Technology nearly 100,000 alumni are culturally aware, profession ready, and prepared to solve today’s and tomorrow’s greatest challenges. Come join us:

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