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    Let’s Explore: Chile

    To study in Chile is to experience one of the most worthwhile destinations in all of Latin America.
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    From Brazil to ESL Academy to MBA: meet Gabrielle

    Have you ever imagined you could travel to study a new language abroad and end up staying until your Graduation prom? Brazilian student Gabrielle just wanted to take an English language course in Colorado but now she is up there among the best, studying at a world-class business school in the US! Find out how she managed it.
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    10 places you must visit while studying in Latin America

    We know that when you’re studying abroad, you want to enjoy and travel around as much as possible; and, yes, we also know that you’re on a budget, but that doesn’t mean your trip has to be boring! Check out the list with the top 10 cities to visit while you’re doing your study program in Latin America.
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    Brazilian exchange students in Canada are helping vulnerable youth

    A school in Canada is donating a dollar a day to a Brazilian NGO for every Brazilian student enrolled in their courses. So, if you study at VGC Language School, all your Brazilian schoolmates will be making it possible for underprivileged children and youth in Brazil to also have access to education. Learn more about the initiative and how to be part of it.