• 5 advantages of studying in the UK you won’t get anywhere else

    Taking a higher education program in the United Kingdom is a win-win. Why? Worldwide recognized diplomas, international reputation, lots of experience welcoming international students and thousands of attractions and tours which are a “must do” for any adventurous student overseas. Keen to join them?
  • 7 facts that will make you want to study in Sweden right now!

    Tall, blonde and smart: this is how we tend to picture swedes. But for sure, there’s much more beyond that: cutting-edge technology, world-class research, high quality of living and respect for the environment are some of the reasons why enrolling university in Sweden will change your future for good.
  • Study in Australia just 2 hours away from Sydney: try Newcastle

    The 7th largest Australian city is a treasure well hidden by Aussies: wonderful surf beaches, plenty of entertainment and low costs of living - all close to Sydney but without the overcrowding. Want to study and relax at the same time? Know more about Newcastle.
  • Australian universities among the most international in the world

    Not one, not two, but three (!) institutions from Western Australia made it to the Top 35 of the most international universities worldwide, according to the Times Higher Education ranking. More reasons to believe this is the best place to take a higher education program in Australia? Check them out now.
  • Cairns: have you heard about the Australian paradise?

    It is possible to learn English in a safe and beautiful place, where you can go scuba diving, bungee jumping or horseback riding after your classes. Cairns, Queensland, is side-by-side with the Great Barrier Reef and is known for its relaxed lifestyle - perfect for those aiming to take a study program combined with outdoor activities.
  • 5 reasons to study in an international education network

    Did you know that it is possible to take a program abroad in several countries? When studying in a network with schools in different parts of the globe, you can transfer your studies internationally and take advantage of a semester or a year learning and knowing new places. Check out the outcomes of studying in an international education network.
  • Studying Arts in Canada: how it can improve your chances of success

    If you think Canada is a good study destination for Language or Engineering programs only, prepare yourself: starting an artistic career in Canada can open your door to success. Dynamic cities, trendy cultural life, modern resources and a huge network within the arts industry are just a few factors that attract so many Design, Film, Fine Arts, Music and Dance professionals and students from all around the world to Canada.
  • Study Abroad in Thailand: what to expect - Part II

    Want to combine studies with tourism? It's only possible in a destination with international flair and beautiful places to visit while doing your course: Thailand. Find out how you can turn a study program in Thailand into a life-changing cultural experience.
  • Want to learn English faster? 10 best tips from UK language centres

    One thing everybody likes is quick tips for learning English faster. But everybody has different ideas, as we discovered when we asked English schools in the UK for their suggestions. We’ve have chosen some of the tips we like best, from different centres, to give students some good ideas. Check them out.
  • Studying English in the UK to join a PhD program: meet Carlos

    After completing his Master's degree in Madrid, the young Colombian lawyer aims to upgrade his academic resume with a PhD. Before that, however, he must improve its English language skills - Wales is Carlos Coral's current location, where he is taking an English language program. Find out more about his story.