Cairns: have you heard about the Australian paradise?

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It is possible to learn English in a safe and beautiful place, where you can go scuba diving, bungee jumping or horseback riding after your classes. Cairns, Queensland, is side-by-side with the Great Barrier Reef and is known for its relaxed lifestyle - perfect for those aiming to take a study program combined with outdoor activities.

However, just because Cairns is close to one of the world’s most important coral reefs (World Heritage Site!), don’t think that this place is all about beautiful beaches and water sports only. The city is surrounded by tropical rainforests, attracting many visitors and students passionate about hiking and extreme sports. In the city’s downtown, everything is a short distance and is easy to access.

In 2014, Cairns was voted Australia’s "most friendly" city by the the Australian Travel magazine, having also been considered its most liveable regional city. Walking around its streets, you will easily realize how multicultural this place is - there are restaurants, shops and activities for every taste, suitable for the wide range of styles of its residents.

Do you need more reasons to choose Cairns as your next study destination? Check out the testimonials of some international students enrolled at Cairns College of Business & English (CCBE), which is right in the heart of this small but very lively city in north-east coast of Australia.

Aisan, from Philippines

As I am writing this testimonial, I will be receiving my certificate for the Diploma of Management.  A piece of paper that serves as a proof that I was able to overcome all the challenges of an International student. As I look back, I am just more than grateful that I was able to accomplish what I have in this college.  I am just an adventurous, simple young Filipina who dreamed of a better place to live and Australia is definitely on the top of my list.  However, I can't stay in this country just because I want to.  I have to do something to make Australia want me to stay. That is, by equipping myself with the knowledge and skills so that I can be a useful citizen.  That is where I came across Cairns College of English & Business.  I believe that the school can be the stepping stone to reading my goal.
Great things never come easily, as they say this is also true for me.  I am living in a town about 2 hours and half travel from the school which is really challenging.  Most of the time I am doing my work from a distance. Sometimes, the tasks are a bit overwhelming, but credit should be given to my trainers, Jennifer and Sandy, for helping me through out.  They've been so helpful, patient and accommodating. 
As I am already finished, I am confident that I can be a valuable asset to wherever I work. Thank you CCEB!

Teppharit Tiamhong, from Thailand

I am from Thailand. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. I had worked in the sport and recreation industry, where I was using a range of activity methods, which means training a lot of people how to be harmonious and be team players with many different companies. I am interested in martial arts, outdoor activities, cooking and meditation.
As far as studying English is concerned, I have asked myself, how can I improve my English and where should I go? Therefore, Cairns is the best choice for me, because there are many tourists and range of nationalities, so I could practice speaking English with them.
In addition, I thought rather than studying English only, why don’t I learn how to cook as well, so I have trained to become a chef! So I have already been training in gastronomy for 5 years. Finally, I am really delighted with the Cairns lifestyle so far and my ambition is to still focus on my English progress. Also my future plan, if I have my own business and become wealthy, is to support people.

Risa, from Japan

I’m 25 years old and from Japan. Before I came to Cairns, I was teaching English at junior high and high school for 2 years. I love teaching and I feel very happy when somebody understands my explanation. However, the longer I spent as a teacher, the less  confident I became. There are so many words I don’t know and grammar I’m not sure about! “A person like me can’t be an English teacher,” I thought. So, I decided to study English some more.
At university, I belonged to the scuba-diving club and I’m really into it. That’s why I chose Cairns; beautiful, tropical and perfect for scuba-diving!
I’ve spent 1 month here and I totally love my life here: going to the Lagoon after school, having barbeques with my classmates on the weekend and seeing beautiful reefs. I’m very lucky to have a lovely host family, helpful friends and a wonderful teacher. I’m studying for the FCE right now, and after I graduate, I’m going to stay in Cairns until November, and then go around Australia and New Zealand.
When I go back to Japan, I want to try some other jobs in which I can use and improve my English, like a trading company. I don’t want to make what I’ve learned here just a memory, but a step to my dreams!

Pei Fen Ku, from Taiwan

I have been studying General English for 15 weeks at CCEB. My English is improving. CCEB has excellent teachers and an "ENGLISH ONLY POLICY" environment. I have met a lot of friends from different countries so I've learned about different cultures. This year is my third year in Cairns. I used to have a working holiday visa for 2 years. I have been to many cities in Australia and Cairns is my favorite. Cairns is a small city but it's sun-drenched, the people are friendly and there are many activities to choose such as sky diving, rafting, horse riding, snorkeling, scuba diving etc... Here we have the Great Barrier Reef. It's absolutely fascinating! When I dived in the sea, I could see a lot of species, fishes and corals. I could swim with a shoal of fish. It was really relaxing and amazing. Here we also have beautiful rain forests. I can enjoy the natural world close up kangaroos and koalas. Now I have a job at shopping mall every weekend. When I work, I meet a lot of customers. I have to speak English and understand what people say, so CCEB taught English lessons are useful and helpful. I really recommend everyone comes to CCE. Here you can have wonderful vocational studies. I really enjoy it.


Source: Cairns College of Business & English