How This US University is Helping International Students Through the COVID-19 Crisis

Midway University, Kentucky is doing an excellent job supporting students during this time.

How studying abroad will operate in our new reality is the question on every international student’s mind. We spoke with Midway University, based in Kentucky, USA to see just how they are helping international students with working through the coronavirus crisis.

As most universities and colleges across the world did, when the outbreak really started to spread in early spring, Midway University transitioned students to online learning. Something that Midway has done that is not commonplace though, is they have announced they will be freezing tuition rates for the 2020-21 academic year to help keep college affordable in these uncertain times.

Students that were unable to return home due to travel bans are being housed on campus with individual rooms, while students who are unable to return to Midway have the option to defer the admission to next term or they will have the opportunity to start taking classes online from their home country.

Midway University plans to resume on-campus, face-to-face instruction, and residential operations for the 2020-21 academic year, beginning in mid-August, but the University will also assist incoming students by waiving the ACT and SAT requirement for Fall 2020 and be test-optional in response to test locations closing.

They have already implemented many new policies and are making campus modifications to ensure safe social distancing in classrooms, residence halls, dining hall, workspaces, athletic facilities and other common areas. The University is working under the direction set forth by federal, state, and local authorities and public health officials as well as the guidance provided by its accrediting bodies and athletic conference.

All this is set in their path forward, in which Midway University looks to guide international students in these uncertain times.

Student Support Services

As well as continuing operations safely, Midway University is providing personal support to international students in order to meet any specific needs, including:

Acculturation and Re-entry Sessions

Acculturation Sessions are offered to support international students during the adaptation process, wherein students become accustomed to the culture of Kentucky and the United States at large.

Personal Support

Midway University provides relevant information on mobile phone companies, banks, insurance companies, and other services that international students may require.

Academic Support and Career Services

Midway guides students in recognizing academic capabilities and career potential.

Health Support

Midway University offers student health services via its health clinic, which also provides information on health-related issues. The clinic is operated by a registered nurse and provides treatment of minor injuries and illnesses, as well as other services.

For more information on Midway University and what they are doing to help international students, please contact them via the form below.