5 advantages of studying in the UK you won’t get anywhere else

Taking a higher education program in the United Kingdom is a win-win. Why? Worldwide recognized diplomas, international reputation, lots of experience welcoming international students and thousands of attractions and tours which are a “must do” for any adventurous student overseas. Are you keen to join them?


1.      Short and effective programs

An Undergraduate program in the UK normally takes three years to finish, whilst a Post-Graduate program, such as a Master’s degree, lasts about a year. Compared to the United States, for instance, the duration of your studies will be shorter and your subjects much more focused.

Therefore, you have the chance to finish your study program earlier, still acquiring the skills you need to start looking for a job and start your professional career straight away, whether it is in the UK or in your country of origin.

Image 1: The Stonehenge (above) attracts many groups of students every year, especially during the Summer Solstice, when they gather around this legendary landmark for a mystic celebration.

2.      Good value for money

Since you can complete your studies in a shorter period, you also end up reducing the costs of your adventure abroad – fewer tuition fees and expenses to cope with.

Although studying in the UK requires a good investment, you can be sure it’s worth it. You might be able to find cheaper Undergraduate and Post-Graduate programs within and outside Europe, but you won’t get the same guarantee of quality education.

There are also several funding options, as many institutions have scholarships available to international students. If you are enrolled in a long-term program (over 90 days duration), your student visa allows you to work up to 20 hours per week during classes and full-time on your school breaks.

3.      Cultural diversity

For its long history, for the many tourist landmarks and incredible experiences available, for hosting a global business hub and one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world – London -, the United Kingdom attracts and receives tourists and students from every corner of the globe. For these and many other reasons, what you’ll find once you’ve landed on British territory is unique: a mix of cultures, faiths and languages, an international environment where you can easily and quickly fit in and a society prepared to receive and help people from abroad.

The UK universities are, indeed, experts in welcoming international students and well-known for its long experience with diverse communities. You’ll have the opportunity to live in a multicultural society, surrounded by many other dynamic cities such as Cardiff, Nottingham, Edinburgh or Belfast, with numerous famous sites to discover and pack your journey with lots of fun and new knowledge!

Image 2: Put on your list of things to do in the UK: see the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace; hang out at a British pub; attend one of the many great musicals such as Let It Be (above).

4.      Worldwide-recognized degrees

Remember: by graduating from a British university, you can be sure your diploma will be valued at a global scale, boosting your qualifications’ roll and your resume, opening many doors for a successful professional future and for an improved salary.

UK’s qualifications are highly recognized internationally, as well as its renowned education system, which promotes and eases study exchange experiences and prepares students to the challenges of the global market.

The fact that 7 out of the Top 10 universities in Europe are located in the UK is not a coincidence: their universities are regularly inspected by a specialized Governmental Agency, ensuring constant high quality standards on their education, research and teaching.

Don’t just think about those well regarded universities of Oxford and Cambridge: there are many other quality institutions in the UK which will make your resume stand out of the crowd and provide you the exact knowledge and skills you need to launch your career.

5.      An English speaking country with a wide range of language courses

If you want to improve your English language level while you’re doing your higher education program, then there’s no better place than the UK. Besides the advantage of getting to fully learn your area’s concepts and theories in English, you will also practice your language skills outside the classroom with your colleagues. While exploring the city, at home or even on your trips across the country, you’ll have many opportunities to hear that characteristic British accent almost everywhere. Don’t worry if you can’t do it yourself: British people are used to foreign accents and they will help you as much as they can so you can impress everyone with your English skills once you’re back in your country.

Image 3: While studying in Scotland, you'll often listen not only to the traditional bagpipe (above) sound, but also to a very charasteristic English accent which you won't find anywhere else.

Besides the incredible amount of English language schools available, which also attract many international language learners, in the UK you will also find courses in that specific language you’ve always been keen to study and differentiate your knowledge: the offer is very diverse and comprehensive.

Quick tip: since you’re going to make friends who are native of the most various languages, you’ll easily find someone for a language exchange partnership or even a group where you can socialize and learn a new language at the same time. Join them and have fun while studying!