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    5 reasons to study in an international education network

    Did you know that it is possible to take a program abroad in several countries? When studying in a network with schools in different parts of the globe, you can transfer your studies internationally and take advantage of a semester or a year learning and knowing new places. Check out the outcomes of studying in an international education network.
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    College in the US and around the world: mind the differences

    Did you know that “College” in the United States is not the same as “College” in England, or even in Ireland, Australia, Canada or other countries having this type of institution? Learn the differences and what you can study at each country’s College.
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    Why Studying Fashion is much more than drawing clothes and shoes

    Are you keen to study International Fashion Business? To be a Fashion Writer? A Trend Forecaster? All this is possible if you study in Italy, where the diversity of its Fashion schools make it possible for you to work with different types of tasks in the area. Want to find out what the best ‘Fashion job’ is for you? Check out the options!
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    US, Switzerland, Canada or UK: what’s your summer program destination?

    Language Courses, Summer Camps or your own combination of classes: there are many options to learn and travel abroad while enjoying your summer break. Study English in California, fly to the Alps to learn French in Switzerland, join a sports program in Canada or take a photography course in London – if none of these is on your “bucket list”, check out many other options at some of the best summer program destinations!
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    5 reasons to attend a boarding school abroad

    Begging your parents to join a boarding school? What about a boarding school abroad? Check out the advantages of studying high-school abroad and do not fear sharing a routine with your class mates. Believe us: it might be very fun!