5 reasons to attend a boarding school abroad

Boarding school – probably you’ve heard and seen this in Harry Potter. Like Hogwarts, these type of schools normally provide general teaching combined with a full week or month stay for its students, depending on each school organization.

Begging your parents to join a boarding school? What about a boarding school abroad?

There are several advantages of studying high-school abroad and there’s no reason to fear sharing a routine with your class mates. Believe us: it might be very fun!

Spending your high-school years abroad may be more than running away from family to meet and live with new friends.

Check out the learning skills and life experience you will achieve.  


1.     Learn a new language (and practice many others). Studying overseas already means speaking a different language, imagine by dividing your day-to-day with students, teachers and officers from different nationalities. There is no choice: you'll have to use the language of you chosen destination, until becoming an expert for the rest of your life! Moreover, your international class and roommates will teach you the basics to impress your family back home with many other languages.


2.     Study with the best and most famous educational systems around the world. Ireland, Finland, UK, Korea… in these and many other countries, a big part of the students is attending boarding schools. Who knows if you end up staying there to graduate? With high quality high-school teaching and future preparation, you get a free pass to join the best universities in the world!


3.     Extra-curricular activities to enjoy your free time. Sports, language ​​courses, theatre and dance classes, cultural tours, group travelling,... Everything you get at a full-time school, adding the advantage of being in a different country, surrounded by lots of new places to discover and weekends to spare traveling with your colleagues.


4.     Adventures and experiences with people of your age, from all origins. Imagine the bunch of cultures you will meet thanks to your colleagues from various countries around the globe. They are just like you: same age, same dream of studying abroad and discovering the world, the same willingness to share adventures. Here you will make friends for life, to whom you will introduce everything about you country and share your leisure times.


5.     Teachers and assistants always close by to help you. A school open 24 hours a day, usually has multiple officers and assistants to guide you through various challenges. Besides being able to clarify all your doubts with after-class support, it is also good to have someone available to help you writing and sending your applications - for college, for example -, choosing a course or just organizing your time.