Are you keen to study International Fashion Business? To be a Fashion Writer? A Trend Forecaster? All this is possible if you study in Italy, where the diversity of its Fashion schools make it possible for you to work with different types of tasks in the area. Want to find out what the best ‘Fashion job’ is for you?

Just for you to have an idea: at Polimoda, International Institute of Fashion, Design & Marketing, located in the romantic, Renaissance city of Florence, the areas of specialization are divided into four sections: Design & Technology, Business & Management, Media & Communication and Research & Vision. But why four different departments? What does Business has to do with Fashion? How can Technology be useful for me while working inside the Fashion world?

Let’s demystify that:

  • Design & Technology: because if you really want to cultivate and express your creative side, you will also need to look at the technical side of Fashion, experimenting with different materials and applying them from the first drawings and graphics to the draping and pattern-making phase. If you want to study Design & Technology, programs such as Footwear & Accessories Design, Collection Design and Design & Illustration are the right path for you.
  • Business & Management: because more and more companies from Fashion and luxury goods sector are looking for skilled professionals who can deal with their communications, marketing and business management strategies, alongside with the knowledge of its creative figures. To those who want to study Business and Management, International Fashion Business, Fashion Products Management and Fashion Marketing are some of the multiple courses you can take in Florence.


  • Media & Communication: because they are vital elements in the Fashion world:  internet, social media and blogs have been influencing its constant evolution and explain why it is so important to know how to work with the communication components of Fashion. If Media and Communication programs are just your piece of cake, Fashion Visual & New Media Communication, Fashion Styling and Fashion Writing are just few of the options on the list.

  • Research & Vision: because it is extremely useful and necessary to predict and understand social and cultural changes throughout time and how Fashion and lifestyle consumption evolved in the past and is evolving nowadays. Programs on Mastering Craft for Fashion and Art Directing for Fashion can be your best choices to study Research and Vision in Italy.


Did you think studying Fashion was all about clothing design and fashion brand management? Among the most recognized and innovative programs at Polimoda are the Masters in Art Directing for Fashion and the Undergraduate course in Mastering Craft for fashion, but, as you’ve already seen, the offer is beyond wide and diverse. There are also several intensive workshops dedicated to craft production: from bags and shoes to jackets, you can handcraft your own complete collection and proudly present it at your school or even at an Italian or international fashion event. Are you already picturing your name on the background screen of your own Fashion show?

From Bachelors to Masters Degrees to Summer Courses and Workshops, if Fashion is part of your innate talent, you will definitely upgrade your future career studying in Florence, Roberto Cavalli and Gucci’s hometown.

Source: Polimoda