The Hertie School in Berlin is Offering Postgraduate Scholarships to Public Sector Employees

The Hertie School is offering students the chance to acquire the skills they need to contribute to better policy-making worldwide.

The Hertie School, a graduate school based in Berlin, Germany, offers postgraduate programs in public policy and international affairs, as well as an Executive Master of Public Administration (Executive MPA) for mid-career professionals. We previously took a look at how the Hertie School can help you take your career to the next level, especially if you have a background in law, economics, political science or international relations.

But as we know, going abroad to study can be challenging, particularly financially. Luckily, the Hertie School is currently offering a scholarship for professionals who are passionate about fostering excellence in the Brazilian public sector through human resource management and who would like to complement their expertise with executive training.

If the Scholarship for Public Servants in Brazil and the Executive MPA sound right for you, then fill in your details below.

Scholarship for Public Servants in Brazil

Investment in human capital is one of the main challenges in public administration. Repú, a non-partisan, non-corporate foundation based in Brazil, is working with the Hertie School to bridge this gap and to help to improve the Brazilian public sector.

Scholarship for Public Servants

Available for the Hertie School’s Executive MPA this coming 2020-2021 academic year, this scholarship is open to applicants with over two years of work experience in the public sector in Brazil.

Successful candidates will receive at least a 50% reduction in tuition fees, equal to savings of €16,250 or more. In return, scholarship recipients commit to working in the Brazilian public service after graduating from the Hertie School.

Interested applicants should submit their applications and letters of motivation before 15 July for the Executive MPA. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.

To apply, contact the Hertie School for more details.

Gabriela: Executive MPA Student and Scholarship Recipient

The Executive MPA is a flexible programme designed for working professionals who want to expand their skill set and acquire the tools needed to tackle the challenges of modern governance, public policy and management.

With experience as a civil engineer, Gabriela Andrade was fascinated by the political demands of solving public issues. Looking for an executive programme that would improve both her theoretical and practical skills, Gabriela found out about the Hertie School in Berlin through a friend, and then about the Scholarship for Public Servants in Brazil.

Gabriela Andrade
Gabriela Andrade

 “I feel like my professional background is very closely aligned to their objectives,” Gabriela said in an article published on the Hertie School’s website. “When I learned about their works, I discovered we had a lot in common. Like me, Repú thinks public servants can transform Brazil.” 

Gabriela was especially drawn to the Hertie School’s flexibility to tailor the degree program according to her interests, and the possibility of specializing in an area of emerging importance for public administration – digitalisation and big data.

“In Brazil, we have this challenge of doing more with less. The Brazilians have been asking for a more productive public service, so we need to increase efficiency in the public sector. Digitalisation is expected to help face the issue of enhancing organisational capacity in the public sector. That is one of the reasons I was interested in the Executive MPA, and more specifically in one of its three different concentrations – which is digitalisation and big data.” 

An International Student Body

The Hertie School is exceptionally diverse and Executive MPA participants come from over 35 countries, with experience in more than 40. Despite the variety, Gabriela found more similarities with her fellow students than differences.

“Some people come from a country that is totally different to mine. So when I think about a problem, maybe I'm thinking about very different perspectives and variables for the same problem. At the same time, we also see that sometimes different countries have similar problems. My friend from Georgia, for example, recently worked in administrative reform in her country. So we've been discussing similar problems regarding people management. And I could see that they have different solutions.”

Hertie School

Access to these sorts of discussions, fresh ideas and experienced faculty is incredibly valuable, making scholarships especially worthwhile.

“It has been relevant to me to understand and learn about how the level of politicisation can influence advisory services in government. I work on project management, so I'm always in the position of advising for the Secretariat where I work.” 

When Gabriela returns to Brazil in 2021, she hopes to play a role in strengthening bureaucracy. 

“When you are working in public administration, it’s not enough to just have good technical arguments and show the positive results to sell innovative solutions and projects. You need to assess how they would work in a much bigger picture, and, when advising, consider the level of politicisation and the political context.”

In addition, the Hertie School offers two-year, full-time master’s programmes in English: the Master of Public Policy for those who wish to specialize in policy analysis or management and organisation; and the Master of International Affairs (MIA) for those who wish to focus on finance and trade or security and sustainability. While the application period for these programmes has passed, interested candidates can apply for the programmes beginning in fall 2021 starting on October 1, 2020.

However, Executive MPA candidates applying for the Scholarship for Public Servants in Brazil may still apply by the 15th of July to begin the programme this fall.

If you have a higher education degree and at least two years of relevant work experience, and if you are proficient in English, then the Executive MPA may be just what you need to fulfil your leadership potential.

Start the scholarship application process now via the form below.