Earn an International Postgraduate Degree in Accounting or Finance

How a Masters degree can dramatically improve your career in Finance or Accounting.

If you have a background in finance or accounting, then it is important to continue developing your skills with a postgraduate degree in order to boost your career prospects. For an even more impressive resume, a postgraduate degree from an international institution can be even more valuable, as it provides evidence to employers of a trait that is much loved by them: courage. 

To further your career and find the perfect job, Logos Global Education can guide you in finding first-rate international postgraduate programmes in Ireland, Germany, France and the UK. Whether you have a bachelor's degree in finance or accounting, or even if your bachelor’s was in an unrelated area but you would like to migrate to the financial industry Logos can help. 

Last year, four students found employment in this field with Logos, whilst taking their postgraduate programme. Renowned multinational companies are seeking qualified professionals to fill their ranks, and so this is a great opportunity for those who wish to work and live in Ireland, the UK, Germany or France.

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How a Postgraduate Degree in Finance or Accounting Can Help You

As a role that requires a great deal of financial intelligence, companies, when hiring accountants, look for applicants with discipline and experience. This is especially true of larger businesses on the stock market and renowned international corporations. These roles can only be secured with hard work and a good postgraduate degree.

A postgraduate qualification will of course be of great worth to any employer, but when fighting for the best jobs, companies recognise the worth of an international degree; it just stands out that little more. 

While jobs in finance and accounting remain relatively secure, it can also be worthwhile, at the beginning or even middle of one’s career, to find experience in another country, especially one that perhaps has a dearth of experience in the financial field and could perhaps even offer more financially than remaining in one’s home country.

A survey carried out by the Higher Education Authority in Ireland, states that 16% of all international graduates in Ireland obtain employment in related areas. The survey also highlights the average salary after completion of these courses is €30,000. Germany is also seeking qualified professionals as there is a scarcity of professionals in these areas.

Potential Courses

Do note that if your undergraduate degree was not in a finance related area, you may have to undertake a conversion course first, but the courses most common for postgraduates studying finance are an MBS in accounting, MSc in Finance or a MSc in Accounting and Finance, among others. Some programmes can also offer exemptions on Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) fundamental exams.

Let us take a look at some of the best countries for studying Finance and Accounting, as well as examples of potential courses.


Ireland is known for its exceptional education, of which the Irish government pours hundreds of millions of Euros into each year. For those seeking a postgraduate degree in Accounting, let’s focus on Trinity College Dublin’s Trinity Business School program, which is an eight-month long program and fast-tracks non-accounting graduates and to gain significant exemptions from the examinations of professional accountancy bodies.


Frankfurt is often seen as Germany’s financial center

Germany consistently ranks as one of the world’s top study destinations, and it is particularly valuable for finance and accounting students, as a country with an exceptionally strong and rigourous economy. There is perhaps no better and more respected place to learn the business of accounting.

The Cologne Business School offers a Masters degree in Global Finance. Delivered in English, and lasting a year, the M.Sc. lays a foundation for a career in the capital market and a deep understanding of its interrelationships, processes and actors.


France has a flourishing financial hub and promising economic future, and so students from the world over are choosing France to develop their education in Finance. As well as having some of the world’s foremost business schools and universities, France is also a fascinating place to live and develop one’s career.

Montpellier Business School’s MSc in Finance offers both substantial theoretical knowledge and global practical applications that will give you the ability to work anywhere in the world. As part of this course, you can develop your own preferred field of interest in Advanced Finance, Energy & Environmental Finance, Responsible Finance and Innovative Finance.

United Kingdom

London’s Financial District

The UK, being home to the London Stock Exchange, is one of the world’s most prominent financial centers. A degree from a British university will be respected the world over and inevitably lead to a first-rate career in Finance or Accounting.

Accounting and Finance professionals have roles in all types and sizes of organisations the world over. London South Bank University’s MSc in International Accounting and Finance offers a specialist pathway in accounting to help students find one of these roles.

Further Information

Completing a postgraduate degree in Finance or Accounting will undoubtedly benefit your career, though as you can see, there are lots of options for where and what to study in particular. That’s how Logos Global Education can help and find the right course for you.

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