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    3 Ways to Improve Your Fluency in English

    Do you understand English really well when it’s written down, but stumble over your words when you try to speak? Here are three simple tips to help you in conversation!
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    A policeman studying English in London

    From the Police Academy to an English Language School in the UK while getting a Law degree: sounds crazy, doesn't it? Brazilian student Etiene is the living proof that it is possible. Do you want to know how he overcame every obstacle to get a scholarship to study English in London? Find out with us!
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    US, Switzerland, Canada or UK: what’s your summer program destination?

    Language Courses, Summer Camps or your own combination of classes: there are many options to learn and travel abroad while enjoying your summer break. Study English in California, fly to the Alps to learn French in Switzerland, join a sports program in Canada or take a photography course in London – if none of these is on your “bucket list”, check out many other options at some of the best summer program destinations!