Learn English in Ireland on this Innovative Short Course

Learning a language is a difficult undertaking and it can take hundreds of hours of study time to reach basic fluency. One way to decrease that study time is to live in a place where that language is primarily spoken where you have the chance to use it every day. Putting this together with a way of teaching that is relevant to the world we live and work in and that actively engages us with others then you can make the process a lot more effective. That doesn’t mean relying on books can’t be effective, but a focus on communication in the language, collaborative work and the use of digital tools has proven a much more effective combination in gaining a language.

Future Learning (FL) is an English Language School based in Dublin, Ireland that has developed a curriculum based on technology enhanced programmes and specialises in teaching English through digital media projects which involve project work with a strong focus on collaboration. Future Learning is an Eaquals accredited language school with a unique educational philosophy. Whether you need English for further study or for your career, or just want to brush up on the language for personal reasons or out of cultural interest, Future Learning can help you.

Any student wishing to learn English should strongly consider Future Learning. To find out more information, please fill in the form below.
Unique Learning Methods

Future Learning uses the power of collaborative projects which use technology as a tool to enable learners to explore, engage with and communicate a rich and authentic experience of the world along with its different cultures and languages.



While the teaching and learning remains face-to-face, the entire educational approach at FL is centered around harnessing the everyday devices everyone is familiar with; devices like tablets, mobile phones, desktop computers, laptops, interactive and touchscreen boards. Future Learning remains aware that technology and the modern world moves fast, so they are constantly developing their unique English language curriculum and working to improve year after year for the benefit of the students.

Constant improvement is necessary when developing one’s language skills since language continually evolves. Future Learning recognises the importance of interaction in learning and while technology is a useful tool, it has a strong focus on group and project work, and making lessons active, social and fun.

Teachers at FL do this is by making use of activities, where students are provided with interesting real-life contexts so that they understand and are able to describe what they are seeing. This not only turns the experience of studying abroad into a language learning opportunity, it also helps to make their stay more vivid and memorable.

What makes Future Learning’s approach to activities different is they plan a programme where each activity is an exciting educational experience in its own right which explore the history, geography and culture of the country. On their Dublin and Athlone summer programmes students get to experience school subjects like science, engineering, woodworking, home economics, or art, led by specialist teachers. This opens learner’s minds to the range of skills that they need to develop to collaborate effectively with other nationalities in the connected world that we all live, work and study in.

Innovative Study Programmes

Future Learning specializes in running high-quality summer programmes, academic year mini-stay programmes, high school placements for young learners, 11 to 17 year olds and adult programmes. Future Learning accommodates for both summer and winter programmes.


There are tonnes of options for students, so if you need a little help deciding what to choose, contact FL and their experts will be able to help you out. In brief though, Future Learning has the following:

● Four summer schools; three in Ireland, one in the UK, all located in modern educational institutes. Both host family and residential accommodation is available.
● Mini-stays; year round programmes for school groups. Mini-stays are tailored to suit your requirements, usually 5-14 nights and you can choose from a long list of activities and excursions.
● High School programmes; FL works with around 50 high schools, a mixture of public and private schools all over Ireland. Attend and Irish secondary school for 6 months or 1-2 years and complete the Leaving Certificate (equivalent to A-Levels).
● FL High School Experience; Come to study with FL and experience the Irish curriculum for 4 weeks between September and December. Live in an Irish family and attend lessons at their modern city centre campus.
● For adults, there is a range of programmes from 1 to 25 weeks (Academic Year).

From 2014, Future Learning has grown from just 40 students in our first year to almost 4000 students. They are just one of fourteen schools in Ireland with the highest accreditation standard from Eaquals. Any student wishing to learn English should strongly consider Future Learning. To find out more information, please fill in the form below.