Why Study in Dublin?

Deciding on where to go to study can sometimes be a challenge - there are just so many options to choose from.

The place to begin is figuring out your own needs. Which language do you think would be best for you to develop? In what part of the world do you see yourself living in? What sort of institution will support you best?

For students looking to improve their English in a modern European city that supports its students, you must surely choose Dublin. Dublin has excellent institutions such as Dublin City University (DCU) and its associated language school which offers an entirely international experience that will improve a student’s English, but also so much more. 

Live in a Modern, Cosmopolitan City

Dublin is the largest and most cosmopolitan city in Ireland, with a reputation for being safe to navigate for tourists and residents alike. The largest travel guidebook publisher in the world, Lonely Planet, named Dublin as one of its Top 10 Cities.

As with any major capital city, Dublin can provide for any personality or taste. Do you enjoy wandering around art galleries? Museums? Perhaps you would prefer to go shopping, whether your taste is high fashion, vintage or more independent styles and shops. 

There are nightclubs, bars and pubs if you would prefer to party the night away, or historic castles and monuments to explore during the day. The food is wildly varied but always delicious and there are excellent transport links all over the city. But moreover, everything you do and explore in the city has the touch of the warm and welcoming Irish people - endlessly funny, supportive and interesting.

Temple Bar Dublin

DCU’s English School offers a social activities programme to both keep students interested and having fun while improving English skills at the same time. Exercise at the sports centre, museums, exhibitions and galleries, Irish dancing, football, basketball or hurling, and sightseeing trips are all available to make the transition to Ireland seamless and enjoyable.

Learn English the Proper Way

Dublin is the only English-speaking capital within the eurozone and of course learning a language is that much easier when one is surrounded by it. 

In fact it is especially easy learning a language while surrounded by it in an academic setting. Institutions in Dublin, such as Dublin City University’s Language School, have decades of experience developing the language skills of overseas students. Learning and improving one’s English is a skill in itself but it can also open doors to a career in business, new connections and new friends and a pathway to university, which, if one is to study a language course, would also set you up well for your degree.

Ireland has also been home to some of the greatest English-language writers, poets and playwrights of the past 150 years. Wilde, Yeats, Joyce, Beckett and Heaney - each were inspired in their own way by the cultures, history and environment of Ireland and Dublin in particular. Their works have come to define the language over recent decades - why not follow in their footsteps to truly understand the beauty and power of the English language?

The English courses that DCU’s English School offers combine expert and experienced teaching with a full programme of social activities, cultural visits, day trips and sports, all of which are designed to facilitate complete English language immersion. For a full list of the courses that DCU’s English school provides, visit their website here.

The Language School welcomes students from over 35 countries worldwide to study English each year and has gained a reputation for excellence. Workshops focusing on specific brands and uses of English are also available, including Conversation Support, Pronunciation Skills, CV Writing, Study Skills, IELTS Exam Strategies and many more.

DCU University

Dublin Supports Its Students

Ireland has long been established among the global ranks for educational excellence. Dublin is home to more than 100,000 students, so there is always ample opportunity to meet people with similar interests, yet also diverse experiences.

Dublin City University, which was established in 1989 and has over 16,000 full-time students, is one of Ireland’s leading universities. DCU is fully accredited by the Irish government and, as part of a public university, DCU offers the very best education and student welfare. 

The land of saints and scholars has a broad variety of support systems to smooth the transition and learning experience for international students. One such system is the Graduate Visa Scheme. The Irish government introduced this in 2007 and it allows international students graduating from universities in Ireland to remain in the country for one year after your undergraduate studies (or two years for Masters degrees) to seek employment.

In addition, work experience is typically built into the universities’ learning process, equipping students with skills and knowledge to carry through into real world.

DCU English School in particular does a great job supporting its students. Located in a residential area, the university provides a safe and student-friendly base, laying the foundation for an excellent overseas experience. The class sizes are small, an average of 13 students, meaning everyone gets the care and attention they need. The facilities include restaurants, a sports centre, library, theatre, tennis courts and a soccer centre.

If your wish is to further your understanding of the English language in a modern European city, you should fill out the form below for more information, including programme options, accommodation and more on the cultural experience that is Dublin.