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    You Can Earn Scholarships Playing Video Games?

    Colleges and universities across the globe, though especially those in the USA and South Korea, are increasingly offering opportunities for gamers to ease the transition from the amateur to professional scene.
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    Visa Help: Canada

    Finding permanent or temporary residence in a foreign country can be a troublesome affair. Allow us to detail one of the more complicated elements about living in Canada: the visa.
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    The Most Popular Sports in Each Country

    When looking to make friends in a new country, there can often be no faster or more effective way than by picking up a local sport. Here are the most common in some popular study destinations.
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    Trump and Studying in the USA

    Following Donald Trump’s surprise victory in December, winning the Presidency of the United States of America, students and educators alike worried for what his victory would mean for the reputation of America as a welcoming and safe country, as well as one in which work opportunities are available for all.