Why You Should Study at this New York High School

Finding and connecting with a community is one of the keys to a successful study abroad trip. Nowhere is this more true than in a big city like New York, where finding those connections becomes even more difficult, since there are so many people.

This is especially true for high school studies, a critical time within a person’s life - where finding the right support is of the utmost importance. The benefit of a school like Martin Luther School in Queens is that its smaller size means individual help for each international student to grow and develop to be her or his best.

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A School That Provides Close Care and Attention

Martin Luther School (MLS) was established in 1960, as a Christian, co-ed high school. Serving the greater New York City area, Martin Luther has 60 years of experience providing for a very diverse student body; students come from a wide variety of ethnic, religious and academic backgrounds from several countries. Moreover, the diverse student population and faculty means that whatever your origins, you will receive a warm welcome at Martin Luther School. MLS’s diversity means great opportunities to learn and respect one another’s differences to understand that these differences are what makes us human and individual. 

Martin Luther School has 200+ students, making it an ideal school for students (particularly its international students) to receive more attention from the dedicated staff, teachers and coaches, who may well see a talent, interest or skill that the students themselves may not have recognised. The student to faculty ratio is an astounding 12:1, meaning students really will receive the best and most attentive care possible. The first-rate staff not only educates academically, artistically and athletically, but also encourages students to excel, as well as discover and appreciate new boundaries.

The smaller school size also means that students find it far easier to develop friendships with other students. This increases the happiness of students and gives them a solid base from which to develop, learn and succeed in school and in life. Choosing to study at Martin Luther School is a smart investment that leads to a long-lasting advantage for the rest of their lives.

This is evidenced by the high percentage of Martin Luther School’s graduates that go to college: 99%. If students meet certain academic requirements, they can earn up to 30 college credits by the time they leave MLS. This can mean tremendous savings of time and money when pursuing a bachelor’s degree, whether in college or university.

And students get to live in the Big Apple! This gives students access to NYC’s enormous resources outside the walls of the school and the chance to explore one of the greatest cities on our globe. Seeing the world is crucial for development, not just for younger people, but for all of us! New York City is a place that can constantly surprise and inspire, there truly may be no better place for a young student’s development.

Academics-wise, Martin Luther School has recently begun its unique new STREAMS Program, which incorporates Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, Math and Service, too. STREAMS  is only at MLS and is all about combining creativity, logic and technical skills. STREAMS enables students to visualize connections and expand their thinking while supporting collaboration across disciplines. It becomes clear to students how versatile and valuable the arts are, as well as the many ways in which artistic skills are utilized in different technical professions to solve problems through innovation and design. This well-rounded curriculum design means that students develop academically, technically, socially and spiritually.

In addition, Martin Luther School fully supports its students’ extracurricular goals, providing over 40 clubs and 14 sports teams, including soccer, cross country, wrestling, volleyball/basketball, baseball and track and field.

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