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    Visa Help: Canada

    Finding permanent or temporary residence in a foreign country can be a troublesome affair. Allow us to detail one of the more complicated elements about living in Canada: the visa.
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    Studying Arts in Canada: how it can improve your chances of success

    If you think Canada is a good study destination for Language or Engineering programs only, prepare yourself: starting an artistic career in Canada can open your door to success. Dynamic cities, trendy cultural life, modern resources and a huge network within the arts industry are just a few factors that attract so many Design, Film, Fine Arts, Music and Dance professionals and students from all around the world to Canada.
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    Study in Canada exploring Niagara Falls

    Is studying High School in Canada part of your plans? Are you looking for a university in Ontario, at a safe, exciting place? Learn more about Canada and Niagara, a region overlooking New York and with a lot of activities to offer!
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    From João Pessoa to Toronto: one student’s story

    Ever thought of doing an internship in Canada, fully funded, to collaborate on major worldwide research? Thanks to Mitacs Globalink program, Rodrigo is now in Toronto helping to minimize the risks of environmental pollution. Every year, this program offers graduates from all around the world the opportunity to take a research internship abroad. Know more about this successful story!
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    Brazilian exchange students in Canada are helping vulnerable youth

    A school in Canada is donating a dollar a day to a Brazilian NGO for every Brazilian student enrolled in their courses. So, if you study at VGC Language School, all your Brazilian schoolmates will be making it possible for underprivileged children and youth in Brazil to also have access to education. Learn more about the initiative and how to be part of it.
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    Student visa to Canada with new regulations

    To those who want to study in Canada: only students accepted at the institutions designated by the Government can apply for a student visa, which now automatically allows you to work in Canada. Find out if your favourite school is on the list.
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    New opportunities to study in Canada and Europe

    First, Canada announced more funds to double its number of international students, and now the EU will also expand the Erasmus Mundus program, creating more scholarships for Latin Americans. What are you waiting for to start studying abroad?