Study in Canada exploring Niagara Falls

Is studying High School in Canada part of your plans? Are you looking for a university in Ontario, at a safe, exciting place? Learn more about Canada and Niagara, a region overlooking New York and with a lot of activities to offer!

If you want to study in this beautiful, safe area, Niagara Homestay and International Student Services (NHISS) can help you enter high school or university here, providing you a place to stay, health insurance and transportation to and from the airport. Check here how they can make it easy for you.

Canada is the second largest country in the world stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific and the Arctic Oceans. It borders to the United States to the south and the two countries share the world’s longest land border. Canada’s population is very diverse and reflects the many waves of newcomers arriving from every corner of the globe. Canadians enjoy one of the highest qualities of life and Canada ranks among the safest countries in the world. Canada’s vast land is divided into ten provinces and three territories.

Province of Ontario is Canada’s most populous and contains Canada’s largest city Toronto, the national capital Ottawa, and the world renowned Niagara Region. Ontario’s education system is one of the best in the world. It is no wonder then that Canadians rank as the most educated in the developed world with 51% of adults having attained tertiary education.

Photo: A trip around Toronto is one of the best weekend programs for the students in the Niagara region.

The Niagara Region is a beautiful area with 12 dynamic cities, including Niagara Falls, St. Catharines and Welland with population of 500,000. Niagara Falls is one of the main tourist attractions of the world which every year more than a million people visit. The climate of the Niagara Region is more moderate than in many parts of Canada due to its southern-most situation. The summer is hot and humid, the fall is cool and colorful, the winter is mild with frequent snowfalls and the spring is warm and wet.

The region is located across the Niagara River from New York State, USA and it is an hour drive to the world class city of Toronto which has many cultural and educational attractions for all ages. Studying in the Niagara Region means studying and living in a very peaceful and friendly atmosphere. The region is also very beautiful with lot of outdoor activities. One of the important advantages of the region is very low international student population in schools, so that students can learn English faster.

High School in Canada

The school year is from September to June and is divided into two semesters. In each semester students take four courses for a total of eight courses per year. Study in high school includes grades 9-12. International students may start in September or February. The average number of students per class is 25. Each school has academic counselors for advice on course selection and applying to any university. High school graduates are prepared for entry to any college/university worldwide. There is no minimum level of English required in order for international students to enter the high schools. Here is where you'll learn!


Source: Niagara Homestay and International Student Services (NHISS)