Finding and applying to an international school or university can be tricky work - businesses such as Maple Contact exist to help you study abroad. They particularly specialise in helping send students to Canada. 

If you want to study in Canada, then make sure to read on, or otherwise contact them directly via the form below.

Study in Canada

Canada is a country blessed with exceptionally beautiful scenery and wildlife, one of the best and healthiest economies in the world and a rich, diverse culture. Its people are known as some of the friendliest you can find while its forward-thinking, liberal government spends a phenomenal amount making Canada’s education and universities some of the best in the world.

When it comes to choosing where to study, there are few better options than the Great White North.

Toronto, Canada

The problem is though, with so many great options, that when it comes to finding the right institution for you and then applying, this process can be time-consuming and sometimes even expensive. There is, however, an easier way.

Maple Contact is an education consulting agency specializing in Canada with almost 10 years of experience. They have helped tonnes of students find the right course for them and you can be the next. Maple Contact does not charge for their services and you will not pay them whether they find you your destination or not.

Whatever you are looking for, Maple Contact can help you, whether that is:

  • Post-secondary programs (Bachelors degrees, Postgraduate degrees, Diplomas)
  • Diplomas from private colleges
  • Primary,Secondary and High School Education
  • English and/or French programs at all levels

Their most popular programs though are of course post-secondary programs, particularly undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, as these are the courses from which students will most feel the benefit of studying in Canada.

Why Maple Contact?

Maple Contact specializes in Canadian education. This is important as although lots of agencies will offer to send students to a variety of countries, this means they will have fewer connections on the whole. To put it another way, Maple Contact have worked with Canadian institutions for so long that they work with almost 1,000 educational institutions. This allows Maple Contact to really align your unique background and interests to the right program. They aim to provide access to the best education options to their client: you.

Vancouver, Canada

Maple Contact will guide you through every step of your application and makes sure the process with educational institutions is smooth and prompt. This even includes the immigration process: Maple has business partners that specialise in immigration and work with them to ensure you arrive in Canada exactly when you need to.

Living and Working in Canada

This is especially important for those looking for permanent residence after studying in Canada. Maple doesn't just sell you an academic program, they make sure your academic interests and decisions are aligned with your future immigration plan/strategy. Studying in Canada is a big investment (time and money) and needs to be done in the right way.

It may seem a while off yet, but if you are considering residing in Canada after graduation, then you should be aware of the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program, which can help achieve permanent resident status.

Following graduation and when searching for employment, Canada is superior to other English-speaking countries. Canada has a strong economy and job market with many new and existing companies establishing themselves in Canada and consequently looking for the best talent emerging from Canadian universities, schools and colleges. International graduates in other countries are often expected to find sponsorship to remain post-graduation, whereas Canada looks to keep its most talented graduates. 

Montreal, Canada

Maple Contact also makes it as easy as possible for international students looking for employment after graduation with the Post-Graduation Work Permit. The Post-Graduation Work Permit has the following benefits:

  • No job offer required
  • Lasts up to 3 years (depending on length of program)
  • Eligibility for Provincial Healthcare

Of course, such an application comes long after your study experience, but it is always worthwhile to know that if you wish to stay longer in Canada, you have that option available to you.


Maple Contact has the tools to provide you with options and guide you through the study abroad process, which includes connecting you with other professionals if necessary.

Services that Maple Contact provide are invaluable as they are free of charge and can make the study abroad process so much easier.

If you would like to know more, please contact a Maple Contact representative directly via the form below.

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