Student visa to Canada with new regulations

To those who want to study in Canada: only students accepted at the institutions designated by the Government can apply for a student visa, which now automatically allows you to work in Canada.

The Canadian Government had already announced these new measures early this year, but only this month they have come into effect, following the release of the list with the educational institutions which students can apply to and get a study permit.

That’s right: if the institution where you want to study is not listed, you shouldn’t even consider asking for a visa, because you will always need to include the official Designated Learning Institution (DLI) number in your application form, as well as the letter of acceptance from the correspondent school.

Student Visas will also authorizes Work & Study in Canada

Once you have the permit, you are automatically entitled to work and study in Canada, at the same time, up to 20 hours a week during the academic session and full-time on your school breaks. This only applies if you are studying in Canada for a 6 month-period or longer.

Want to stay working in Canada? The same student visa also allows you to work full-time after finishing your study program until you get an official work permit.

All primary and secondary schools are automatically designated and, for that reason, they were not included in the Government’s list. If you are going to study in one of those institutions, a letter of acceptance will be enough to proceed with your visa application.

In case you’re going to attend a Canadian study program of six months or less, you do not need to apply for a study permit. Depending on your country of origin or passport, you may have to request a tourist visa to stay in Canada for a short period.

To those who have already started their studies in Canada before these measures were put in practice, it will be permitted to finish their courses at the same institutions up to a maximum of three years more.

By being required to include the DLI on your visa application means that you already have to own a school approval and not just an “intention” to study in Canada. Until now, you were able to ask for a visa to study at any Canadian institution, without having to provide a letter of approval.

Check out the list of Designated Learning Institutions here.