Feeling Welcome as a Student in the United States

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When searching for language courses, there are some questions that come up more often than others. Pragmatic questions concerning the length of the course, its content and entry requirements are all essential information, but when it comes to studying abroad, do these questions really tell the whole story of what it is like to study at a language school?

What is almost more important is knowing what life is like outside of the classroom, the types of people you will meet and the things you can see and do. Taking a course abroad is an excellent way to develop a language, yes, but it is also a rare opportunity to really get to know a new place, culture and people. To that end, knowing as much as possible about the environment you will be in is fundamental.

At many institutions, students will mostly be left to themselves. ‘We have lots of clubs and societies for you to join!’, they may say. While clubs can be a very useful way of meeting new people with similar interests, it can sometimes be intimidating as an international student to join such things.

Luckily, the English Language Institute, beyond its excellent academics, places great emphasis on introducing international students to American culture, as well as the beauty of Salt Lake City and Utah.

Utah is located in the western United States of America, and is renowned for its wild natural landscapes, its vast deserts, snow capped mountain ranges and impressive national parks. The Institute itself is located in Utah’s popular and accessible state capital: Salt Lake City.

Whether you are familiar with Utah or not, the English Language Institute at the University of Utah recognises that acclimation to a new environment is crucial and make great efforts to integrate international students into American culture as well as introduce them to everything Salt Lake City and Utah has to offer.

So don’t worry if you haven’t heard too much about Salt Lake City before! Here, we will run through some of the delights the city has for international students, as well as some of the ways ELI helps students integrate and enjoy their time there.

If you are eager to study English in the United States of America, please fill in the form below.

Arts and Culture

While you are improving your English language skills at ELI, you can continue to do so while enjoying Salt Lake City’s many cultural and artistic experiences. 

One of Utah’s best known cultural sights is one of the biggest film festivals in the world: Sundance. Sundance takes place each January and is the largest independent film festival in the United States. If you are a film buff (or even if you are not) this is a chance to see some of the best and most unique movies on offer (and there are lots of premieres too).

There are no shortage of activities to do at ELI

If performing arts is more your thing, then make sure to check out the Ririe Woodbury Dance Company, Salt Lake Acting Company, Ballet West and the wide variety of theatres and arts centers in the City. 

There are also more traditional cultural events. These include the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, the Natural History Museum of Utah and Red Butte Garden, the largest botanical garden in the Intermountain West. Also don’t miss out on Temple Square, Utah’s most popular tourist attraction and 10-acre site that includes the Salt Lake Temple, Salt Lake Tabernacle and the Seagull Monument.

Sports and Recreation

Perhaps the ballet and a botanical garden aren’t your scene though. Well if you are more of the sporty, adventurous type, Salt Lake City can accommodate you and then some.

Sports are a great way to meet people!

Salt Lake City is home to many local and national sporting teams which you have to check out during your stay, if only for the experience. For basketball, there is the Utah Jazz, for ice hockey, the Utah Grizzlies. If you prefer soccer, then go and watch Real Salt Lake, while there are baseball and rugby teams too.

Though if you prefer to be more active, there are loads of hikes, trails and chances to explore the great outdoors around Salt Lake City. These include:

  • World class skiing at any one of Utah’s many first-rate ski resorts 
  • Hiking around Salt Lake City with its many beautiful lakes, peaks and canyons
  • Antelope Island: an area of incredible natural beauty and many wild animals
  • Utah’s National Parks - the Mighty 5

Additionally, local festivals like the Lantern Festival or Festival of Colors also provide students with great, memorable experiences. 


Institutions such as the English Language Institute at the University of Utah recognise that with so many options for students, where a student studies is about more than what they do in the classroom.

One form this takes is via Activities, unique and memorable events that the ELI organises that help students connect with the local community and gain cultural insight through volunteering. 

One such activity is the Conversation Club, which connects language students with domestic students on the University of Utah campus—they build friendships, improve their fluency and proficiency with spoken language, and generally have a lot of fun.

The English Language Institute also does a number of outdoor activities to help students stay healthy and take much-needed breaks from studying. After all, isn’t getting out and exploring your new home part of the fun of studying abroad? Luckily, in Utah there is no shortage of things to get involved in outside of the classroom.


At the English Language Institute , students from the world over join to both improve their language skills and enjoy the delights that Utah has to offer. If you are eager to join them and study English in the United States of America, please fill in the form below.