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    Enjoying holidays learning a new language abroad

    Spending holidays on an exchange program: have you ever thought about this different summer program? This month, students from Barão school, in Brazil, will be traveling to Canada and Germany to start their language courses abroad.
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    6 reasons why to study abroad

    Are you thinking about studying abroad, but you have not decided yet whether it’s going to be worth the financial effort and time that you will invest in this venture. Let me tell you, if you ask any person who has travelled, there is no doubt they will tell you it is a life changing experience that will enrich you in all aspects and one of the most rewarding stages in your life. Before embarking on this trip you will have many questions, fears and uncertainties, but I assure you that all these compared with the benefits and the good memories that you will gather are risks worth taking.
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    Study in Spain: an option for Latin-Americans

    For all Latin-American students, Spain is an attractive destiny when thinking in pursuing a postgraduate program abroad. Not only because we share the same language-which reduces the time we have to spend in preparing the application process-but also because, by having 81 Universities, allows Spain to offer a wide variety of high quality Master and Doctorate programs. Along with it, tuition prices at Spanish universities may be cheaper than those at other European countries. In order to help you take the best decision, we will explain you the following key details for you to accomplish your dream of studying in Spain: