7 reasons why you should go to boarding school

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Besides gaining a mind-set and knowledge of a different culture, studying in another country can help students attain the best degrees, qualifications and improve their abilities. The experience also provides a foundation for life, success and personal friendships that last forever. Check out the most important advantages of becoming a boarding school student! 

1. Learn a new language (and practice many others). 
Studying overseas already means speaking a different language. Now imagine sharing your day-to-day with students, teachers and officers from different nationalities. There is no choice: you'll have to grasp the language of your chosen destination, until you become an expert for the rest of your life! Moreover, your international class and roommates will teach you the basics to impress your family back home with many other languages.

2. Study with the best and most famous educational systems around the world. 
You will be attending a Boarding School where academic standards and student performance will be of the highest standard. So you will be expected to work a lot harder than you would in a state school and will realize that learning can be fun.

3. Extra-curricular activities to enjoy your free time.
Sports, language ​​courses, theatre and dance classes, cultural tours, group travelling... Everything you get at a full-time school, with the added advantage of being in a different country, surrounded by lots of new places to discover and weekends to spare travelling with your colleagues.

4. You will get to live away from home
You will grow-up faster and learn to better cope in a community where your peers are going though the same experiences. It’s always worth remembering that you will be supported by caring teachers and your parents are only a phone call or an email away.

5. Libraries and media centres are well-stocked
The older, more established schools have traditional library facilities which in many cases are fabulously equipped. A typical Boarding School library will have the latest computing technology in addition to a vast array of books and print material.

6. You will learn to be self responsible
Students at Boarding School tend to mature quickly and rubbing along with other students is a vital skill you will learn. Along the way you will pick up many social skills which will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life.

7. Classes will be small
In public schools class sizes can be up to 40. Not at Boarding School. Classes typically are 10-15 students. That means you get more personal attention from teachers and you will be encouraged to participate.