Study Public Policy and International Affairs in Berlin, Germany

The Hertie School is an independent graduate school in Berlin, Germany that offers master’s programs in public policy and in international affairs. If you have a background in law, economics, political science or international relations and want to further your understanding and career in Berlin, a European political center, then read on…

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Berlin, Home to the Hertie School

Berlin is one of the most sought-after destinations for students in Europe, in part thanks to the city’s association with the arts and its bohemian reputation. Berlin attracts so many students as it appeals to a wide spectrum of people. As Germany’s capital, it is a big city and has many great employment options, cultural opportunities and people to meet. 

But despite its size, Berlin remains affordable and lively as it continues to grow. There are a lot of universities in Berlin, meaning there is a huge student population across the city. Consequently, the city is full of youthful energy and life, which gives Berlin and artful and thoughtful atmosphere. The Hertie School maintains a truly international student environment, with more than 50% of the student body coming from outside of Germany. 15% of these international students at the Hertie School are from Latin America.
Most importantly for students at the Hertie School, though, is Berlin’s role as a center for European and international politics. The German capital is home to the Bundestag, the German Parliament, as well as multiple councils, ministries and federations. A crossroads for European politics, Berlin is an excellent place for students to familiarize themselves with international politics. 

The Hertie School - “Understand Today. Shape Tomorrow.”

The Hertie School prepares students for leadership positions in government, business and civil society. The Hertie School is characterized by public debate and engagement which position it as an ambassador of good governance. The school’s motto is "Understand today. Shape tomorrow.”

The Hertie School attracts a highly talented student body from various national and disciplinary backgrounds, united by the desire to make a difference and achieve a better future. They offer an environment characterized by close interaction with the faculty, public debates and the development of current policies. 

As a professional public policy school, the Hertie School partners with a number of government and cooperation agencies. The university also offers students the opportunity to apply what they are learning and begin building a professional network. The curriculum’s professional development module includes a mandatory internship between the first and second year of study. Those who want even more industry experience may apply to complete a full professional year integrated into their graduate degree.  

Additionally, Hertie School students have access to the university’s global network of partner institutions, which includes the London School of Economics and Political Science, Sciences Po in Paris, Columbia University in New York and many other excellent public policy schools worldwide. Students can also apply to pursue an exchange semester or even a dual degree – in which they spend one year at the Hertie School and one year at a partner university.  

The Hertie School is expanding its expertise in key policy fields and creating five new Centres of Competence, which focus on particular research topics that will be pivotal in the coming years:

The Hertie School is committed to attracting the best students from around the world, regardless of financial background. As a private university, the school offers its students financial support in the form of financial aid and scholarships. Around 50% of the Hertie School students receive such help, which can cover between 10% and 100% of the tuition fees.

Study Fields/Programs

The Hertie School offers two master’s programs as well as an executive master’s program. All courses at the Hertie School are taught in English.

-Master of Public Policy

The Master of Public Policy (MPP) provides students with the tools needed to analyse policy and evaluate solutions effectively. It is ideal for those who want to understand and get involved in public affairs, learn analytical and managerial skills and help shape tomorrow’s world.

-Master of International Affairs

The Master of International Affairs (MIA) trains students in international policymaking and prepares them for positions requiring a profound understanding of today’s global policy challenges in government, diplomacy and international organizations.

-Executive Master of Public Administration

The Executive MPA is a flexible program designed for experienced professionals who wish to acquire a solid foundation in principles of governance, public policy and management, which will empower them to lead teams and organizations, shape decision-making and manage change in the workplace.

Participants choose one of three areas of concentration, which cover subjects with ever-increasing relevance in the public sector, business and civil society:

  • Leading innovation and managing change
  • Digitalization and big data
  • Global governance frontiers

Students from all academic disciplines are encouraged to apply to the Master of Public Policy, the Master of International Affairs and the Executive Master of Public Administration.

For free information on applying, contact the Hertie School via the form below - it only takes one minute to complete and response is fast!