Earn a Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma and Work in the U.S.

Develop your career and employability with a diploma and internship in the U.S.

The University of California, Riverside (UCR) is one of ten campuses which are part of the University of California system. Studying here is an opportunity to develop skills in the United States while having a chance to get some real work experience in an American workplace.

UCR can provide you with a professional certificate program, a course that can offer practical instruction for recent developments in your career field, qualify you for a new job, or provide the opportunity for advancement.

As valuable as a good education is, UCR also recognises that real work experience can be just as important. Therefore, UCR features a dedicated internship coordinator that prepares students to interview for internships, and assists with a placement as well.

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Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma Programs

Ok, you have your Bachelor’s degree. What now? It’s time to continue improving and to find the best job you can. UCR’s Postgraduate Certificate and Diplomas provide in-depth knowledge and on-the-job experience, giving you an advantage over everyone else when you apply for a job. Study with experts, explore management specializations, gain work experience at an American company, and look forward to an exceptional career.

Postgraduate Diploma Program

The Postgraduate Diploma Program lasts 36 weeks (9 months) and is structured as follows:

1. Postgraduate Certificate in Management (3 months)
Gain detailed management perspective via seix two-week modules.

2. Specialization (3 months)
Train with experts that have extensive experience and knowledge in your chosen field.

3. Internship/Professional Experience (3 months)
Apply your newly acquired skills on the job through an internship with a company in America.

Once you have completed your Postgraduate Diploma Program, you will be eligible for paid employment in the U.S. for up to one year, via Optional Practical Training (OPT). UCR consultants can assist you in finding the perfect company to begin your career in the United States.

Alternatively, UCR offers a Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Management (PGCM), a six-month program where you can learn the basics of business management and gain real experience by working with actual companies in the community and throughout the United States.

Diploma Programs

Additionally, the University of California, Riverside can provide you with a Postgraduate Diploma, which can provide you with experience in a particular field. These Diploma Programs have a wide range of specializations, depending on your preference.

Postgraduate Diplomas last nine months and have a typical schedule of:

  • First Quarter: Study fundamentals of management
  • Second Quarter: Study in concentration courses
  • Third Quarter: Supervised internship
  • Fourth Quarter: Paid work experience with OPT or Master’s degree

UCR’s Postgraduate Diplomas include:

Postgraduate Diploma in Big Data Technologies
IBM has predicted that the demand for Data Scientists will soar 28%in the coming years. Collect and analyze data by first understanding how to find valuable information. Uncover algorithms that lead to predictions on consumer patterns. 

Postgraduate Diploma in Bioengineering Management
Employment of biomedical engineers is projected to grow 7% through 2026. This program can give you the expertise and experience necessary to take the first steps into a career in bioengineering.

Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing
Understanding how social media, blogging, SEO, email, video, and targeted sites like WordPress intersect with your field of study can further a company's message, as well as your own career.

Postgraduate Diploma in Engineering Management
Engineering remains and will continue to remain one of the most vital industries in our society. This program can build upon your existing skills and knowledge to help you take your rightful place as a leader in the engineering industry.

“I learned a lot working in the American workplace. I have tremendously improved my analytical skills with the responsibilities given to me. It exactly relates to my career goals as I have a bachelor’s in biomedical engineering and this experience will help me get a job anywhere.” Arantxa Rodrigues, Postgraduate Diploma in Engineering Management

Postgraduate Diploma in Entertainment & Media Management
In conjunction with the Los Angeles Film School, establish your career as an entertainment professional. Come to understand the latest film and TV industry practices in California, the perfect place in which to learn.

Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship
Have established entrepreneurs guide and help you define your big idea, while also learning how to define your goals via competitive analysis, a structured business model, financing, and other strategies.

Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management
Solidify your understanding of contemporary tools and skills and learn the spectrum of events your clients will present you with, such as corporate events, fundraisers, and weddings. 

Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership & Organizational Excellence
Management skills require constant persistence and understanding. Demonstrate your management skills here, in both a classroom and occupational setting. Better understand how to communicate and motivate people from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Postgraduate Diploma in Management  
Get up-to-date information on the latest global business trends. Grow your professional network and explore how a variety of management techniques can be applied.

Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management
Stay on track during this course, and you’ll do just fine. Master scheduling, budgeting, reporting, and quality control while keeping the team together and focused.

Postgraduate Diploma in Public Policy and International Relations
Make a real difference to society in tackling the challenges of poverty, the environment, public health and more. During this program, you will work on policy analysis, politics, statistics and ways to build a stronger global society.  

Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Management
The sports industry increasingly requires professionals to build and promote teams, successfully negotiate contracts and finances, and demonstrate global awareness.

Postgraduate Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management
Managers in tourism and hospitality require a broad understanding of branding, market research, internal and customer-facing communication, and effective general management.


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