Study Abroad in Thailand: what to expect - Part II

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A dream trip while studying? Only in a place that combines an international flair and quality schools with beautiful, exotic scenery to explore: Thailand.

The Institute of International Studies at Ramkhamhaeng University (IIS-RU), located in Bangkok, the country’s capital, gives you more reasons to move to Thailand and take your study & travel adventure of a lifetime. Find them below.


    Southeast Asia has rich biodiversity and cultural resources, which attracts travelers for wonderful holidays and to discover the multicultural environment. In this region, there is diversity of both natural resources and cultural resources especially in Thailand. Thailand is a very colorful country that attracts a lot of tourists all around the world and Thailand’s tropical climate is pleasant for everyone. It also opens up opportunities for both indoor and outdoor activities. Moreover, Thailand has many cultural resources to observe including various traditions, art, beliefs, values, customs and local wisdom. The harmonious mix of culture in Thailand will allow for a great experience in this fascinating country.

Why study in Thailand?

    In traveling to study in Thailand, you will gain new opportunities to discover Thai culture. Thailand has a lot of cultural heritage that is unique and outstanding.

    The aesthetic of ancient monuments, temples, colorful, traditional handcraft and cuisine show the local wisdom of Thai people that pass from generation to generation. You still can see the Thai way of life which connects with the agriculture and river both in Bangkok and up country. You can observe real local life and their traditions, visit cultural attractions, historical sites or homestay with friendly local people. Moreover, you can enjoy the crystal clear sea, blue sky and white sand beach or sightseeing of the green lush forest, mountains, streams, and beautiful waterfalls.

Thailand certainly has everything you could want during your holiday. Visiting Thailand, you will definitely gain wonderful, memorable experiences in this lively country.

    The Institute of International Studies at Ramkhamhaeng University (IIS-RU) is located in Ramkhamhaeng district, Bangkok which is very close to downtown Bangkok- only 25 minute by airport rail link. It is our pleasure to welcome you to IIS. It is your opportunity to be among intercultural atmospheres, excellent professor and friendly staff. We have about 1,300 international students from over 50 countries. You can say that we are truly international considering the diversity of IIS Programs, of International Students and  of professors from distinguished European and American leading Universities, who take turn to lecture at IIS. Through this procedure of study, the student will gain acknowledgement from different countries and culture by engaging with professor and classmates. All together make it a unique international program for a very affordable tuition fee.

Tourist Attraction and highlights

  This year the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has launched the national tourism campaign “Discover Thainess 2015” to the international market. TAT aims to promote about cultural tourism all year around under seven themes: Thai Fun, Thai Festivity, Thai Food, Thai Way of life, Thai Wellness, Thai Arts, and Thai Wisdom. This new campaign emphasizes the cultural treasure of Thailand including the unique and colourful diversity of the ethnic group.

     For natural tourism, you can visit the national park in Kho-Yai that offers a diverse range of plants, flora, waterfalls and endangered species or you can dive into the beautiful Andaman Ocean off the coast of Similan Island, Tarutao Island or the Gulf of Thailand in Koh Chang so as to enjoy the marine life and beautiful picturesques of the sea. Besides that, you can absorb the cultural heritage of Thailand like the historical park in Sukhothai or Ayutthaya and visit peaceful temples. The most famous temple you have to visit is Wat Pho also known as the temple of the reclining Buddha. Another famous example is the temple of Dawn. You will meet with the aesthetic value of Thai arts in architecture, mural painting, sculpture and lacquer work. Moreover, you can see the Thai way of life along the canal at Klong Bangluang or Kohkred on the outskirt of Bangkok.

    After the exhaustion from long haul traveling, you can experience some Thai traditional massage and spas which will make you relax and feel fresh. In Bangkok, there are many interesting cultural attractions to visit, such as museums, the theatre, palaces, temples and ancient communities. You may also enjoy the colour of Bangkok with crowds around the street food stalls at all hours of the day.

  IIS Cultural activities

  The Institute of International Studies at Ramkhamhaeng University (IIS-RU) has a strong focus on cultural exchange for the foreign students in order to reduce the culture shock and to promote Thai culture. During last year's activities, we took the students to the temple in Chachoengsao and Ayutthaya to make merit, offering food to the monk and visited local communities. We also organized the International and ASEAN Culture Day for the students to promote their culture. The students wore their traditional costume, made a traditional performance and cooked their local food. This activity caught a lot of attention from the students and professors. This year IIS will continue to arrange the culture day and will provide a cultural trip to Ancient City in Samutprakan and visit a local village in Chiang-Mai. Our institute would like the foreign students to experience Thai culture so as to understand the value and meaning of Thailand's cultural resources. This activity could help to enhance the in-depth knowledge and the rising value of Thai beliefs and culture and also to raise the awareness of respect for other cultures.


By The Institute of International Studies at Ramkhamhaeng University (IIS-RU)