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Did you know that it is possible to take a program abroad in several locations? When studying in a network with schools in different parts of the globe, you can transfer your studies internationally and take advantage of a semester or a year learning and knowing other places.

Check out the benefits that studying at an international education network will bring to your future!

1.       Receive a quality education

One of the challenges of studying abroad is making sure that the quality of education you receive in other countries is equivalent to the education you would receive in your home country, ensuring that your expectations are met. Being a member of the Canadian education network gives you a guarantee of the quality of education you will receive. Based in Montreal, the LCI Education coordinators ensure that quality standards in education are met. Furthermore, our programs are internationally recognized.


2.       Gain international exposure

Today, international visibility is critical. Local creations are not enough; you must be able to transcend borders to reach an audience that shares your interests, regardless of where you live. This is precisely what an international education network offers: incomparable international exposure. Can you imagine one of your creations exhibited throughout the campuses in the network? Share your ideas and projects to the maximum.

3.       Increase your employability

In today’s globalized world, companies increasingly require employees to travel abroad or transfer to work in another country in order to import or export knowledge and best practices. That’s why having studied in an international network and completing some of their studies abroad, will undoubtedly be seen as a highly-prized competitive advantage by businesses. The experience will also help you become a flexible worker able to adapt to multicultural work teams. And you will probably end up speaking more than one language fluently!


4.       Take advantage of international opportunities at different teaching establishments

Today, international mobility is a requirement of success. Without a doubt, studying abroad is an investment in your future. LCI Education is a Canadian network of 21 higher education campuses in 11 countries that offers students many advantages.


5.       Expand your horizons, discover other cultures and learn a new language

The importance of learning about other cultures goes beyond the professional world: it is a vital, unique and enriching experience. Plus, if you are looking to learn a language, there is nothing better than language immersion. All campuses in the LCI Education network are located in cosmopolitan, dynamic cities with a thriving cultural life, giving students an environment that is conducive to creation and inspiration. Travel to Canada and live in a safe, multicultural country with an exceptional quality of life (LaSalle College Montreal, Inter-Dec College, CILM, LaSalle College Vancouver); stroll through the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul (LaSalle College Istambul); admire the architecture of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and enjoy the Mediterranean weather and flavours (LCI Barcelona); enjoy the light and landscapes of Colombia (LCI Bogotá and LCI Barranquilla); or discover Jakarta, the Southeast Asian capital of design, and the delicacies of Surabaya (LaSalle College Jakarta and LaSalle College Surabaya).

The Study Abroad program at LCI Education offers opportunities to travel to some of the 21 campuses in the network, giving students preset itineraries, thereby facilitating mobility and providing consistency and quality in education.

What are you waiting for? Choose your destination campus and finish your academic studies at the same time as living a unique experience that will broaden your personal and professional horizons. Join the network!


Source: LCI Education