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    Study English in Sydney, a place with “lots of activities happening”

    If you’re looking forward to working in Australia, we recommend that you learn English amongst the natives and get a good IETLS score first. The Brazilian student Mariana is now on her second English language program in Sydney, getting her English exam preparation and already glimpsing a good position at an Australian company. Know more about her experience and get the inspiration you need!
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    Meet leading UK English language centres at Expo Estudiante

    Are you interested in learning English at a quality school, where the teachers will focus on your progress and make sure you are looked after well? Would you like to study somewhere that's welcoming, where you'll make friends from all over the world, and can enjoy a very special culture? Then come to the English UK Pavilion at Expo Estudiante!
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    12 months before starting a program abroad

    Many times, we think that applying to study a program abroad is something difficult. We believe that the process requires many time and effort. However, we are convinced that what’s really important is to have the dream, and enough motivation and discipline to make it come true. If you already have an adequate level of a second language (in the case you want to study a program that is taught in a different language than yours), the whole process of applying and getting prepare will take approximately twelve months. Check out the steps you should follow each month!