Wide Variety of Top Degrees Available on Portugal’s Coast

The University of Aveiro offers the rare chance to combine academic excellence with a fun and fulfilling life.

Renowned for its first-rate teaching methods, the University of Aveiro is forward-thinking and attracting increasing numbers of international students thanks to its innovative practices as well as its calm, safe and environmentally friendly setting.

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What Is the University of Aveiro Like?

The University of Aveiro (UA), since being founded in 1973, has become one of Portugal’s most dynamic and competitive universities, fueled by its phenomenal infrastructure, research opportunities and first-rate teaching methods.

Particularly known for its courses in science and technology, UA offers a wide variety of degree programmes and course types, including 55 undergraduate and integrated master degrees, 73 master’s degrees and 50 PhDs.

However, students are not restricted by the definition of their own course and are encouraged to learn all manner of things from teachers and courses that are not their own. This highly integrated teaching methodology results in students learning a wide range of knowledge across many disciplines; vital in developing a well-rounded graduate.

The University of Aveiro ranks highly in science and technology
The University of Aveiro ranks highly in science and technology

As a relatively young university, the University of Aveiro radiates an exuberance that is too often missing from older or more traditional educational institutions. Having developed an environment that prioritises creativity and innovation, the University of Aveiro has consistently attracted more and more international students, the number of which has nearly doubled within the past five years.

Where employability is concerned, the University of Aveiro maintains strong partnerships with many privileged Portuguese and international companies. This has led to many internship opportunities provided by the university, such as the Summer Internship Programme, as well as the Employment Trade Show, vital tools for driven and ambitious students.

The partnerships the University of Aveiro has have also led to many innovative projects and products that contribute to technological, scientific, cultural and social advancement.

Studying and Living in Aveiro

On the coast between Porto and Lisbon is Aveiro, a city which blends tradition, nature and modernity. Aveiro is one of the most beautiful regions in Portugal and can claim exceptional beaches, mountains, rivers and a wondrous lagoon which hugs the coastline for 45 km.


Aveiro is small enough to be safe and quiet but large enough to be home to major businesses and cultural events that are so necessary for a successful study trip. It brings together industry, business, tourism, sport, architecture and natural heritage, as well as the famed University, of course.

UA has three teaching centers located in Aveiro, Águeda and Oliveira de Azeméis, but Aveiro’s location within Portugal also means that it has strong connections with many of Portugal’s other major cities, including Porto (60 km away) and the capital Lisbon (220 km), and even Spain. The Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport also makes travelling throughout Europe simple and cost-effective.

To develop a culture of success, new international students at Aveiro are well supported both academically and socially, to make life in Aveiro more leisurely and fulfilling.

Around 15% of the University of Aveiro’s student population is international, originating from 96 countries; a multicultural environment that has been worked upon by students and faculty at the university for many years, so as to offer new students a range of cultural, sporting, recreational, educational, and social experiences.

There are lots of opportunities for adventure
There are lots of opportunities for adventure

Students at UA are cared for in a vast number of ways, with services provided for accommodation, food, health and well-being. Student residences are mostly located a short distance from campus, so travel is easy and quick, with most journeys possible by foot or by bicycle.

Students have access to restaurants and canteens with menus for all tastes; to the University Health Centre, which provides basic and specialized health care; and to excellent facilities for practising a range of different sports.

Need a Scholarship? Learn More About How to Apply

The University of Aveiro accepts a wide variety of international high school certificates, including the Brazilian ENEM, Colombian ICFES, Ecuadorian Ineval and many more.

Each year, UA also provides several grants and scholarships for international students. To find out more if you can apply for these scholarships, or if you would like to know more about how you can study at Aveiro, please fill in the form below.