Nova School of Business and Economics is the best ranked business school in Portugal, and its brand new, purpose built campus, just 10 metres from the stunning Atlantic coastline, is attracting students the world over. Why not join them?

A Brand New Campus in Cosmopolitan Lisbon

With 55 classrooms, 26 amphitheatres and a 24 hour student hall, the 90,000m² campus of Nova SBE stands out as an idyllic scenario for a learning experience like no other. Opened in 2018, Nova’s campus was the largest construction project in Portugal and has been named the most innovative campus in Europe.

Campus Library

Mere metres from the stunning Atlantic coastline, the campus includes services such as a supermarket, gym, medical clinic and also a beach access tunnel. Now able to accommodate 700 more students than the previous campus, the project aims to create the necessary conditions for an academic, professional and social ambience that preserves the contacts within the community of Nova SBE’s current and former students.

Beyond the campus, of course, is the warm and welcoming hospitality of Lisbon. With a very affordable cost of living, exceptional weather (70% sunny days!), friendly denizens and some beautiful sights to behold, Lisbon is a wonderful option for study abroad students. While earning a highly respected degree from Nova, you can enjoy a setting that marries the old and the new; a unique experience in terms of university lifestyle, hospitality, gastronomy, culture, and leisure.

Lisbon is historical yet colourful, filled with warm people and sunshine - there are few places more relaxing. And if you’ve never been to Portugal, its capital city is the best introduction possible. With just over half a million residents, the city is small enough to retain its friendly atmosphere and be easily navigable, while remaining cosmopolitan and exciting.

Off the banks of the river Tagus and facing the mighty Atlantic, Lisbon is the westernmost city in continental Europe. Formerly a trading center for the ancient Phoenicians and departure point for the European discovery of the New World, the city’s long history is captured in the many museums found in the city. Likewise, street art abounds through the windy, cobblestone streets, giving Lisbon a carefree feeling.

There is a high number of English speakers in Lisbon, and when you also consider that Nova offers all of its courses in English too, Lisbon can be a great place to improve your language skills. The low cost of living and extremely low crime occurrences also makes Portugal an ideal, safe study abroad destination. 

One of the Top Academic Institutions in Portugal

Established in 1978, Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE) is the most prestigious Portuguese school in the areas of Economics, Finance and Management and one of the leading business schools in Europe.

Nova SBE is a member of CEMS, the Global Alliance in Management Education and is accredited by EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB, making it one of just 77 business schools to be triple accredited and the first Portuguese business school to receive international accreditations.

Atrium and Gallery

At this, the top ranked business school in Portugal, you will gather the knowledge, skillset, and mindset to guide a lifelong learning experience. Whether, after graduating, you choose to open the doors of a demanding job market or continue your studies and keep exploring your passions, at Nova you will be part of an international community eager to learn and develop together. 

Students at Nova work alongside people from all around the world, as 40% of the student body is international, representing over 60 countries. Every course is available in English and the school has more than 150 exchange agreements with universities in 50 countries. This makes Nova SBE one of the country's top destinations for international students. 

The courses on offer include a Bachelor in Economics and a Bachelor in Management;  Master’s degrees in: Economics, Finance, Management and a CEMS Master in International Management, as well as several Ph.D courses.

Student Residence

Nova also offers The Lisbon MBA, a partnership course with Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics, and MIT Sloan. It has been rated very highly within Europe and the rest of the world and has been named 1st Worldwide in International Course Experience.

Nova SBE and its courses are regularly acclaimed by international rankings. As well as those mentioned above The Financial Times, the Times Higher Education and Eduniversal have ranked the institution highly.

With an active connection with its corporate and alumni community, working across multiple industries and geographies, Nova SBE is at the center of an exciting ecosystem of opportunities for its graduates to continue a professional and personal path.

Over 20 students clubs are also available and include numerous finance, investment and marketing-related groups but also dance, gaming, running and surfing.


If your interest has been piqued and you want a first rate degree in business, economics or finance, then contact Nova School of Business and Economics for more details.