Why you should study in the Algarve?

Hundreds of young people around the world are seeking to migrate to vibrant, diverse, and multicultural countries to take the next step in their academic education. In the last few years, Portugal has become one of the most popular study destinations for the international academic community.

The Algarve is one of the most touristic regions of Portugal, with borders with Spain and the Atlantic Ocean, it stands out for its natural heritage and the constant development of its educational system, coordinated and regulated through the Ministry of Education and Science.

At VivaMundo we set out to find out some of the reasons why you should study in the Algarve, so read on to find out the best of Portugal's southernmost region.

Portugal's educational system promotes the study of scientific, technological, and artistic disciplines in order to prepare highly competitive professionals. In Portugal you can study a wide variety of academic programs, including short courses or vocational courses, language courses, undergraduate programs, masters, and Ph.D. programs.  

The Algarve is a region not far from Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. Located approximately 270 km away, it is considered as one of the most visited tourist destinations in Portugal. It’s warm climate during most part of the year, the hospitality of the locals and the wonderful landscapes make it attractive for travelers coming from many parts of the world.


Lisbon, the capital of Portugal

We recommend you to visit the beaches, almost deserted islands, the small bays, the ocean and the mountains of the region to discover the best of the natural paradise of Algarve. The quietness and the connection with nature make that living in this place brings harmony to its visitors. Furthermore, the historical downtown of the Algarve stands out for its traditional architecture, with some contemporary designs that make the region a unique place to live. 

Universities and educational institutions in the Algarve are known for promoting entrepreneurship and local sustainable development through shared knowledge and growth in its internationalization strategies. Portugal has about 56 educational institutions between state and private.

If you decide to study in Portugal you should know that its official language is Portuguese, however, this region has a strong culture linked to business, which will allow you to express yourself in different languages, including Spanish and English.

The Algarve inter-municipal community has an excellent geographical location, so you can easily travel between the different cities in the region or even venture into other regions of Portugal. Some of the mobility alternatives include car, bus, and train. So don't miss the opportunity to explore the surrounding communities and visit some of the region's most popular tourist destinations, such as the Algarve capital, the Faro District, or nearby cities such as Olhão and Loulé. 


World-class education in a natural Paradise

One of the main reasons we invite you to start your studies in the Algarve is that it has an educational model with a growing profile of international education. A distinction that only countries like FinlandSwitzerland, or Canada have.

In addition, the region has been transformed in the last 15 years by committing itself to improve its educational approach and becoming a reference for many countries of the world, maintaining a significant investment in education taught by highly qualified teachers, professors and researchers and educational institutions with state-of-the-art technological resources, ideal for the promotion research and learning in different disciplines. 

The Ministry of Education bases its educational system on autonomy and flexibility in the educational institutions. In addition, it has been outstanding in providing its students with analysis and design of an individual academic profile, providing techniques and working methods that are adapted to each student, as well as creating places and schedules for students to develop their autonomy and freedom.

Studying in the Algarve you are likely to work on skills such as reading, writing, and interpreting languages and texts. While well-being, health, environment, art, problem resolution, and critical thinking will also be fundamental components in your academic training.


Studying in the Algarve has many benefits, you will have the opportunity to learn while living with the warm and diverse culture of the Portuguese, living an experience that will bring you many opportunities in the labor market, preparing you to control and respond to different environments such as the economy and co-existence in different societies.

Finally, if you are interested in studying in this region of Portugal, you should consider that some of the requirements for access to higher education are: to have successfully completed secondary school and to present and pass the entrance exam with a minimum of 95 points. We recommend you to investigate all the specific requirements according to the study program and the academic institution of your choice.

Get ready to enjoy outdoor activities such as golf, bicycle tours, or boat trips to observe the extensive variety of fauna and flora and dare to explore the best of the traditional cuisine of the region.

Let yourself be inspired by the magic and the calm of the Algarve, discovering amazing places such as the cliffs and the lighthouse that will take you to know a little more about life in this place and to explore spectacular beaches next to an endless number of traditional markets, villas and the history of the most elegant and authentic villages of the region.

What are you waiting for to start your dream journey?