Six Christmas Destinations for International Students

Christmas is a time of dreams and happiness. A period in which hundreds of people around the world come together to share experiences and create unforgettable moments.

Spending a Christmas studying abroad can seem like a somewhat nostalgic experience. However, we recommend you see it as an opportunity to get out of the routine, explore new places and live Christmas traditions from different perspectives.

December and its Christmas spirit take over hundreds of cities around the world. The truth is that this season of the year is lived differently in each country and it is up to you to have the best attitude to spend a Christmas morning or to receive the new year from anywhere in the world.

We have taken on the task of investigating which are the most recognized destinations worldwide for their Christmas spirit and what all they have to offer in this holiday season. Here we tell you which are the cities of different continents in which you can live one of the best Christmas of your life.

Rovaniemi, Lapland – Finland

Rovaniemi, a city known as the administrative capital of Finnish Lapland, is a strong tourist attraction for Christmas lovers. Located in the Arctic Circle Rovaniemi is in the eyes of thousands of people as the city of Santa Claus.

A place where you can contemplate the magical landscapes covered with snow and the stunning northern lights. In addition, you will have the opportunity to visit the renowned Santa Claus Village. This is undoubtedly a perfect place to experience all the magic of Christmas, let your dreams fly, participate in different recreational activities and immerse yourself in a unique and wonderful place.

Finland, for its part, is one of the countries with the highest quality in its higher education. Among many of the benefits offered by the Finnish government and its education system to hundreds of international students, the country is also known for its strong cultural roots, its many tourist attractions and its attractive academic offer.

New York - USA

New York is a tourist reference in the Christmas season. The countless films and film productions with a Christmas theme recorded in this city, have given a great distinction to the metropolis against other destinations internationally.

If it is in your plans, choose New York or a nearby city as your study destination. You should know that the city that never sleeps offers different points of interest that you can visit during Christmas.

The Rockefeller Center symbolizes a hub of union between locals and tourists around its characteristic ice-skating rink and its giant Christmas tree decorated since 1931. Be surprised by the wonderful Christmas lights that grace the streets of the city, as well as the shop windows of the stores that make up one of the largest cities for purchases in the world.

Without a doubt, making the decision to experience Christmas or New Year in the city of the Big Apple, will take you to visit places like Times Square or Central Park, two of the tourist hubs that you should not miss being an international student there. In addition, you cannot miss any of the Christmas markets that highlight the city during the holiday season, as you can find in Union Square and Bryant Park.

New York is known for being a multicultural city, so if you decide to study there you will have the opportunity to interact with people from different parts of the world. Leaving your country of origin at any time of year, will help you get out of your comfort zone and give you unique experiences for both your personal and professional life.

Take the opportunity to study English in a North American city and get to know the academic community around the development of different artistic areas in the cultural capital of the world, New York.

Quebec - Canada

In the French-speaking province of Canada you can enjoy a white Christmas. While in this country located in North America you will have the opportunity to experience one of the strongest winters in the world, it can also be the perfect time to let the magic of Christmas come to your life.

The city of Quebec offers a wide range of events and activities that you can do during your Christmas in another country. From specialized places to skate on ice or ski and snowboard to the Quebec Winter Carnival, a renowned cultural festival that takes place in February of each year; to the beautiful Christmas village Old Quebec has become since the beginning of December, where you can enjoy a nice New Year's celebration on the Grande Allée street, visit the well-known Christmas markets and enjoy the pleasant environment and Christmas spirit that owns the old town.

Studying in Canada can be one of the best decisions of your life, this country is widely recognized for the high level in the quality of its education, for being a place where hundreds of cultures from different parts of the world converge and for their many opportunities in education and quality of life. On the other hand, if you decide to study in the province of Quebec, you will be able to take advantage of your study time and geographical location to develop your linguistic skills either in a francophone or English-speaking environment.

Let yourself be surprised and experience the magic of a white Christmas in Québec City, delight in its multiple places of interest, recreational activities and typical dishes such as Poutine, smoked meat sandwiches or Fèves Au Lard (Baked Beans).

Paris – France

The city of light undoubtedly has much to offer during the Christmas season. This is one of the most romantic and attractive destinations to spend some Christmas in your life. Paris shines more than ever during the month of December, so you should not miss visiting the countless Christmas lights throughout the city such as the Printemps store and the Lafayette galleries.

The different Parisian monuments such as the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower do not lose prominence during the Christmas season. Visiting them at this time of year will give you a unique and different view of the city. Paris, like many other cities, also has a renowned Christmas market where you can find typical dishes, gifts, and souvenirs.

Disneyland Paris is not far behind, the magical world of Disney is known as one of the most popular places to visit during Christmas with friends and family. The whole park dresses up with the Christmas theme and offers a wide variety of incredible shows and activities that both adults and children can enjoy. While visiting some of Disney's parks is a magical experience by nature, doing so at Christmas can be extraordinary.

Paris is another of the many destinations where you can skate on ice, go for a walk through the streets of the city and let yourself be carried away by the bright lights and glamor of one of the most sophisticated cities in the world. So do not hesitate to take advantage of your study period in France or consider it as a possible destination for studies, to get endless experiences and live Christmas from a Parisian perspective.

London – United Kingdom

In Christmas holiday celebrations, the United Kingdom also plays a fundamental role. The British capital stands out during these dates for its striking Christmas lighting in places such as Carnaby Street or Covent Garden and for its different sites of interest available to locals and foreign visitors alike.

If you study in London, or are thinking of visiting this city of Great Britain to fall in love with its people, its streets and its attractive educational system, you cannot miss the multiple Christmas stages to experience their culture, like attending a concert of Christmas carols or one of the many Christmas markets.

Visiting Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London can be an unforgettable experience. This renowned Christmas fair has become a tourist attraction for hundreds of people around the world. The place offers one of the best environments for a London Christmas where you can enjoy fun attractions, diverse food stalls and a characteristic Christmas decoration that will make you dream.

Skate on ice, sing a carol, take advantage of the festivities to interact with the locals, walk through the streets of the city and enjoy a great fireworks show at night in the famous Big Ben. Finally, you can not stay without visiting the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree and without trying the English Christmas pudding.

Hawaii – USA

Last but not least, we present you with an ideal destination to spend a Christmas without snow if you are a sun lover. A Hawaiian Christmas is perfect for those who want to enjoy a spectacular warm weather and live the joy of these dates on the beaches of Hawaii.

This destination is characterized by its different events and street acts in commemoration of Christmas. Hawaii has much more to offer you than you imagine, so visiting the most charming archipelagos of the Pacific can give you a different experience in the Christmas season.

Its paradisiacal islands are dressed with colored lights and offer a wide variety of recreational activities. December becomes a month of parades and shows in which you can enjoy striking Christmas carols to the rhythm of the ukulele, fireworks and magical nights at the seashore.

The city of Honolulu, on the other hand, is one of the leaders in Christmas decoration. The mayor's building, known as the Honolulu Hale, is a strategic point for the festivities of the month. In addition, you can see a huge Christmas tree accompanied by Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus.



Since you now know some of the most attractive Christmas destinations for international students, it is your decision to choose which of them you would like to spend a nice Christmas.

A period of study abroad goes much further than being in a classroom. Experiencing world traditions from different perspectives will open your mind to a much more globalized world, allow you to share with hundreds of people around the world and learn much more about their way of thinking and seeing life.

For many people, Christmas is a time to be with family, but you should not be discouraged if for some reason you are far from home. Experiencing these type of festivities alone or with your friends can show you how independent you are and you will discover how to get more advantage of this kind of situations.

Discover, experience and enjoy a Christmas season in one of these cities. Every moment you live will make a memory for your life and will give you unforgettable experiences.

Do you already know where you will be this Christmas?