The best country for higher education in the world

Which country is best for higher studies? Universitas 21 ranking for 2014 shows us Sweden, Canada, Denmark and United States as the top higher education systems. Access the full list and choose the best study destiny for your graduate and post-graduate course!


The United States takes first place on the list of 2014’s 50 best higher education systems by country, as ranked by Universitas 21. If you want to study and work in the USA, you must know that North Americans are the world biggest investors in higher education and by tertiary student. This is also the country with the most qualified workforce (5th place globally) and with one of the best employment rates (7th place) among its graduates.

At second, Sweden, just like the United States, keep the same place as last year and 2013. Canada and Denmark share the 3rd place in the ranking and its neighbour Finland closes the Top 5.

In this group, you already have five options to study abroad and do your university program in North America and Europe. However, the list has more 45 countries for you to discover – and each one has its strength!

Check out the complete list of Top 50 national higher education systems in the U21 Ranking of National Higher Education Systems.

We’ll give you a few more clues: if you want to study in South America, it is important for you to know that Chile is the best ranked country in the whole region – 33rd place. Brazil scored the “second Latin-American prize” with its 38th place and Argentina is three places down. In this Top 50’s list, you will also find Mexico at the 46th position.

Best country for post-graduate studies

This is the 3rd annual ranking conceived and released by Universitas 21, evaluating fifty national higher education systems. This global network of research universities found the countries with the best tertiary education according to its Resources, Environment, Connectivity and Output. Inside these four parameters, several other aspects were analysed, like the expenditure on tertiary education institutions, the quality of the academic policies, the amount of scientific publications or the university and research excellence.

You can also access the interactive map of the U21 Ranking of National Higher Education Systems and find out more details on each country’s higher education system.