Studying the Arts in the World’s Cultural Capital

For decades, New York has been rightly thought of as the cultural capital of the world. Its size and diversity have led to lots of important and stimulating cultural movements, including the Harlem Renaissance, the Beat Generation and the modern American dance movement.

It is the home of hip-hop, punk rock and stand-up comedy. It is a city that people flock to from all over the world for its contributions to music, film, theatre, sport, literature, dance and visual art. It is, in short, a place so layered in culture that it’s unthinkable for any artistically minded student to not experience New York, for even a short time, at some point during their education.

Luckily then, there are short-term programs designed for international students looking to experience cities like the Big Apple, if even for a short time, to soak in the arts and to develop other personal skills. Programs include those provided by the School of Visual Arts, the 3-week Culture, Design & Fine Arts in New York Summer Program, for example.

Intensive courses such as these are there to benefit arts or design students looking for refreshing new ways to approach visual communication. Students will be pushed to explore the boundaries of their creativity, and will develop techniques for brainstorming and experimentation. 

The course is comprised of various art and design subject areas, and includes seminars with leading professionals that will give students exposure to current trends in the New York fine arts and design industries.

In terms of the School of Visual Arts’ course, on-campus housing is available in Manhattan and applicants can expect visits to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Chelsea, Central Park, a Broadway musical, a trip to the cinema and more.

So if you are a budding artist or designer who is desperate for a chance to experience the majesty that is New York City- make sure to apply for this year’s intake.