When it comes to studying abroad you can find a myriad of striking and tempting destinations to live one of the best stages of your life. From North American countries, through Europe, Asia and Africa to Oceania, you will have the whole world at your disposal and a large number of possible places to reach your educational goals outside of your home country.

France is one of the members of the world community that provides great potential to all students who visit this territory. In addition to being a world tourist attraction, this European country offers an enviable and attractive cultural offer from any point of view. On top of that, each street is a world to explore full of colours, shapes and life.

Studying in the Gallic country is a way to open up to diversity, freedom and plurality. Get ready and discover some of the reasons why France could be the perfect study destination for you.

1.       The French State Can Help Finance Your Studies

The State of the Republic of France offers finance of up to 90% in around 75 public universities throughout the country. In addition to the benefits for locals, this measure favours hundreds of international students every year who choose France as their study destination.

This country offers you the opportunity to access a high-quality education in a much more affordable way. France is known for its high level of investment in education annually; you can benefit from around 13,000 euros to help subsidize your studies each year.

In fact, the financing of a study program is one of the biggest obstacles when studying abroad for thousands of international students. You can take advantage of the economic benefits offered by countries like France which will undoubtedly allow you to be one step closer to fulfilling your dreams.

2.       High-Quality Education

The French educational system offers high-quality education to all its students. If you aspire to study in France, you will have access to a great variety of specialized academic programs in all disciplines.

Regardless of which stage of your academic studies you want to reach, in France you can find an infinity of undergraduate, postgraduate, master's, doctorate, language courses, specialized short courses and more.

Due to the internationalization of education in the country, today it is possible to train in around 1100 programs of different careers taught entirely in English. It is important to highlight the importance of learning this language, known as the universal language, when studying abroad.

Research in France is one of the characteristic elements of its academic quality. The National Centre for Scientific Research, or Center national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS), is the most important research institution in France and is known as a reference in terms of scientific production, number of citations in academic articles and international collaboration.

Do not miss the opportunity to expand your knowledge in different areas by studying in one of the most excellent academic environments worldwide. France has been the academic home of more than 60 Nobel prizes such as: Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2016), Françoise Barré Sinoussi, Nobel Prize in Medicine (2008) and so on.

3.       The Attractive Tourist Destination

France is one of the main tourist attractions for hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Its culture, art and history make it an ideal destination to discover a significant part of the history of humanity’s art.

Choosing the Gallic country as a study destination will allow you to explore and discover its wonders. In general, it is known worldwide for being a region full of museums, famous monuments and beautiful landscapes. In addition, it is the official headquarters of different sporting events annually such as 'Le Tour de France', a race by stages of cycling in professional route that takes place throughout the country.

Studying abroad involves much more than being shut in a classroom or in mountains of books, it is important that you find the way of distribute your time and know how to take advantage of your days to experience all that a country abroad has to offer.

You can take advantage of your stay in France to visit its extraordinary monuments such as the Arc de Triomphe, the Pantheon, the Notre Dame Cathedral or the emblematic Eiffel Tower among many other characteristic elements of the country. On the other hand, if you are passionate about the theme parks, France puts at your disposal one of the Disneyland parks where you can experience their magic with your new friends or classmates.

If you are an innate explorer do not miss the opportunity to visit Mont Saint-Michel, a rocky island located in the northwest of France in the Normandy region. Or you can venture to explore the French Alps or the Auvergne Volcanoes. Without a doubt, France is a destination full of excitement and adventures that await you. Dare to discover everything that this country offers you on a cultural and tourist level.

4.       Gastronomy and Fashion

Although France has socio-cultural and academic elements that are much more significant than its gastronomy and its fashion, these will always be characteristic of the country and it is essential to talk about them.

French cuisine is considered as one of the most important in the world and has a great influence on the best restaurants in most Western countries. Thousands of people from different continents get carried away by the exquisite dishes of haute cuisine served in the most reputed restaurants in the country.

France has been the home of great culinary geniuses such as François Pierre de la Varenne, Paul Bocuse, and Marie-Antoine Carême among many other internationally renowned chefs. If your dream is to study cooking or culinary arts in France it can be the perfect opportunity to learn the techniques of the minds that laid the foundations of the current French cuisine.

Fashion in turn plays an important role in the French culture. Its importance in the country dates back to 1700 and over the years France has become a fashion reference in the global fashion industry.

Paris, a city known for its romanticism and its influence on fashion, is the annual headquarters of Paris Fashion Week, one of the most important and prestigious events in the industry. In addition, it has been the home of some of the best designers in the world and pioneers in the industry such as Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Paco Rabanne and others.

In general, the Parisian city's romantic architecture such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum or the Carrousel Bridge has inspired the great fashion representatives to design the most exclusive and expensive garments in the world. Studying fashion in France will open the doors to the industry internationally.

5.       World Economic Superpower

France is known as the sixth world economic power and the second in the European Union. According to data from the World Bank, France recorded for 2017 a GDP per capita of 34,144.088 (USD). Thanks to its solid economic position and as it is known as a fast-growing country, it has been able to establish strong relationships with important companies at an international level.

Studying in France can benefit you greatly in your professional life, it will open the doors to an international labour market and may give you a better quality of life in the future. Do not miss the opportunity to be part of the work team of any of the companies at the forefront of innovation in different sectors of the French market.

Expanding your knowledge, developing your linguistic skills in English and French, training academically in a French higher education institution and specializing in what you are passionate about, will undoubtedly give you a competitive advantage when you enter the labour market, also having the experience of studying in a foreign country will give you endless opportunities to be part of one of the most important emerging economies worldwide.

6.       Favourable Geographical Position

Thousands of international students take advantage of their period of studies abroad to travel, explore and know even more places in the world. Studying in France will not be the exception. Its favourable geographical position will allow you to travel to different countries in short periods of time.

France is surrounded by interesting countries that you will know, for example, you will be approximately two hours from the United Kingdom in the northwest of France connected by the English Channel, you will find Spain on the border to the southwest of the country, or in the northeast you can visit Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium, finally to the southeast you will find idyllic destinations such as Switzerland and Italy.

The might of travel is in your hands, since you are an international student you must prepare a budget to cover all your expenses during your stay abroad. However, it is vital that you think about your dreams and priorities when it comes to spending money. Find a way to save money with small actions and venture to know the world.

Studying in France will make it much easier to travel, get to know other cultures, diversify your perspectives and experience everything that different countries have to offer. In a couple of hours by train, car or plane for a few euros you can get to the nearby country that you propose, it is up to you to make your stay abroad the best experience of your life.

7.       Working and Living

One of the most important aspects during a study abroad process is to have the possibility of beginning to build your work life. Obtaining work experience will significantly help your professional training and increase your opportunities in the labour market.

If you decide to study in France, you can apply for a student visa that will allow you to work while you develop your study program. Getting a job abroad will give you a good opportunity to generate extra income, meet some people and be much more independent.

Involving yourself with the academic community of your environment will be fundamental to get job opportunities related to your career or study program. While it may be good to have some other type of work, it will be much more rewarding for you to find a job where you can get experience in your area and make contacts that would open doors to enhance your professional future.

France is also a country that opens its doors so that international students can work after completing their study program. Living the experience of studying abroad will undoubtedly change your life, but having the opportunity to gain work experience in what you are passionate about during your stay abroad will give you a competitive advantage and reinforce the development of your work skills.

Daring yourself to study in France can be one of the best decisions you can make in life. The Gallic country has endless opportunities and benefits to offer you. Being an international student, you will be in the same conditions as any French student, bearing in mind that you will enjoy the same benefits.

Experience the best time of your life studying abroad, discover new cultures, places and customs. Venture to visit some of the most wonderful countries in Europe and expand your network of contacts by meeting people from all over the world.

In France you can find the course or study program that you want. Pursue your dreams and dare to study what you are passionate about. It is in your hands to make the decision to change your life completely. Do not forget that the limits are in your mind and that in the different French cities you will find a myriad of adventures and opportunities that are waiting for you.

Study in France, expand your knowledge and take advantage of the perfect environment to support academic training!