Best US Colleges and Universities, according to Forbes latest ranking

Every year Forbes publishes a list of the best Colleges and Universities in the United States that can be viewed as an overall ranking or as divided into regions. In 2015, the list was led by Pomona College in California, which displaced names like Harvard, Stanford and Princeton. The institutions were selected according to student satisfaction, graduation rates and academic success. Check out the Top 10 of the best colleges and universities, according to Forbes:

1º - Pomona College

2º - Williams College

3º - Stanford University

4º - Princeton University

5º - Yale University

6º - Harvard University

7º - Swarthmore College

8º - Brown University

9º - Amherst College

10º - MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Visit the Forbes’ website to check out the full list or divided by regions and understand the methodology of selection here