How to Choose Where You Study Abroad

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Studying abroad is one of the most difficult decisions any student may take.  Students should thoroughly explore all academic destinations available and choose one that is most suitable for them.

Whilst the European countries are regarded the most interesting and attractive to international students, the academic quality, tuition fees and social life are still the most well-founded reasons, to be decided on, when choosing to study abroad.

So, what are the helping factors that assist students when choosing an academic destination?

The percentage of foreign students in the host country:

The number of international students in any country is in fact an indication of the feeling of the society of that country towards foreign students. It indicates the level of welcome that is offered. Austria has the largest number of foreign students in Europe reaching at 32% followed by Holland at 18.3% and the United Kingdom at 18.11%.

International Classification of Universities:

Students, when deciding to study abroad, are mainly interested in the quality of the education offered, as of the highest importance factor. The academic reputation of the British universities is well ahead and exceeds that of other European academic establishments.


One of the most important factors in taking the decision to study abroad is the personal budget allocated for the study. While the United Kingdom is rated the highest when it comes to study and living cost, Germany is probably the most suitable as it offers cheaper living cost and a free higher education in the German universities.

Professional and Employment horizons:

For many, the employment opportunities available are the crucial factors in choosing where to study abroad. It is statistically approved that the chances to find a job, in a few months after graduation, is more possible in Germany, Austria, Holland and Sweden.

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