Plan your exchange: 5 sites that calculate the cost of living in different cities around the world

Calculating the cost of living abroad is essential when planning your trip, as by calculating, you will be able to make the most out of the experience. To help you, some sites have living cost calculators which provide you with an estimate, taking into account basic living expenses. Many will also allow you to easily compare the living costs of various places around the world. Take a look at five sites that will let you do this:

1. Expatistan
The site is a collaborative platform that calculates the different prices between two cities. Visitors and residents share an average of basic expenditures (like food, accommodation and transport) and with this information the site makes a calculation of the costs of each city.

2. Numbeo
The site also functions as a collaborative platform, where anyone can add information to help keep the prices updated. Numbeo also provides current and timely information on world living conditions including cost of living, housing indicators, health care, traffic, crime and pollution.

3. Nerd wallet
The site calculates the living costs in American cities. It also helps you with things such as choosing the best bank to open an account, for getting a credit card and the best place to get health insurance. It thinks about students’ needs.

4. Study Link
Have you ever thought about studying in New Zealand? Study Link was developed by the national government to help students who want to live in some its biggest cities. The site helps to calculate how much money you will spend during a week or to study for a year.

5. CNN Money
If your chosen exchange destination will be the United States, make sure you use the calculator provided by CNN find out which cities have the best cost benefit, including a comparison of spending on housing, transport and health.

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