Planalto Palace decides to freeze funds to Science without Borders Program

The Planalto Palace confirmed the suspension of new scholarships from Science without Borders Program in 2016. The resources to the program will be cut by 40,3% and the funds for those students that already enjoy the benefit abroad will be maintained.

Despite the decision, the scholarships financed by CAPES (acronym in Portuguese for Coordination of Improvement of Higher Education Students) and CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development) will be sustained. The first one will finance, in 2016, 13.300 undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships; while the second provides resources to another 22.610 students. Together, the two institutions send more than 14.000 students to study abroad in the second semester of this year, representing 79,5% of the number granted by the program.

Until now, no date has been announced for new applications to the Science without Borders Program. Last year, the program began in August.

Besides this news, investment in an international experience is still important and you can participate in other selections processes for scholarships. Check other options!