Tools to simplify your exchange process: an educational fair

We all have the dream of studying abroad, either to improve a second language, pursue an undergraduate program, start a postgraduate study o just to have the experience of living in a different country and know a new culture. However, we believe that the process of getting prepared and apply to a program in a different country is hard and complex, and that is the reason why we usually leave our dream beside.

The reality is that, although the application process to study abroad takes time and requires dedication and effort, it is not a difficult process if you do it with discipline, enthusiasm and most of all, if you have the tools to help you make a proper decision.

To make you experience abroad an unforgettable one, it is important that during all the process before traveling abroad, you have all the information that help you to choose the program, university and country that fills all your expectations. If having this, you will not feel that you made the wrong decision after starting your program.

Although internet has become a useful tool to make searches of education options abroad, all the information you can obtain of programs and universities can make you feel very confused, as it is not that clear which are the differences between the programs and neither which one fits you more. Along with it, although you can contact the academic institutions of your interest through emails, the answers that they give are not as fast or that specific as expected.

Having direct contact with the representatives of the institutions of our interest can become a critical factor when needing more precise and detailed information of the different options to study abroad. But as visiting all the institutions we are interested in can be very expensive, the best way to get in touch with their representatives, tell them our situation and ask them all the questions we have is attending an educational fair.

The main advantage of attending an education fair is that you can interact directly with the representatives of the international institutions that have your attention, and receive from valuable information and advises of how to continue with your process, as well as the things you can expect from each program, institution and city. Being aware of the advantages and disadvantages, will allow you to compare and understand the process, meet new institutions and opportunities, get new ideas and get the energy you need to finish your process in a successful way.

Therefore, we will like to invite you to attend Expo-Estudiante International, the best and more complete education fair, where you will find multiple options to study abroad such as language courses, undergraduate and postgraduate programs, summer camps, Au Pair programs, internships and study&work options.

In Expo-Estudiante you will be able to have direct contact with the representatives of more than 80 education institutions of more than 11 countries worldwide like Australia, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and will have plenty of time to ask them about the options they offer to study abroad. 

You will also find representatives of the best scholarship programs of countries like Germany and France, than can make your experience abroad a less expensive one.

Think no more! Attend Expo-Estudiante International in Colombia and Venezuela.

Colombia:                                                                            Venezuela:

-          Medellín september 26                                        -   Maracaibo october 3

-          Bogotá september 28  and 29                            -   Caracas october 5

-          Cali october 1                                                         -   Valencia october 7

Entrance is completely free and the benefit of attending is unique!  Find more information and register in the website