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A comparison between a multi-cultural university campus and universities closer to home.

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If you are thinking of studying abroad, there is a big chance that you meet and form friendships with students from various countries and nationalities. It is also an excellent idea if one prefers to study and stay with students from the same country or nationality.

What is the level of diversity you would like to see in your preferred university?

Hotcourses International has developed its new Cultural Diversity Indicator to meet the needs of those who look for student diversification in international universities. With this indicator a student can recognise the level of diversification in the universities of the United Kingdom, United States of America and Australia. Another feature is the “Feel at Home” indicator where the number of students from your country, studying at a certain international university, can be checked.

Academic diversity:

A good reason why one chooses a certain university over another! Universities are preferably chosen according to their geographical situation, international classification, research opportunities or diplomas. However, some students choose universities according to cultural and cultural diversity in the university campus.

Amir, a student from Iran, studying at Wollongong University in Australia, ascertains that meeting students from many parts of the world is one of the main reasons of studying abroad: “Cultural diversity is one of the main motives that made me study at this university. Here you can meet and live in peace and harmony with students from all over the world”.

Anwaranj Ram Tchandran, a student from Dubai, expressed his surprise of the cultural diversity at Missouri University in the USA, which, he thinks, “is a wonderful thing where students can be from any country, holding any religious affiliation or following any beliefs. This is the sort of appraisable treatment that any student at Missouri University may have”.

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Meeting students from your home country

Studying abroad is an exhausting thought, particularly when it requires travelling thousands of miles away from your home and family. It is guaranteed that you will meet students from your home country and, in some cases, from your locality.

A Chinese student, Wang Aleen, settled very quickly in Box Hill Institute in Australia after meeting other Chinese students at the campus. He enjoys “their company, the home cooked meals, the language and all other relative matters. These make any student feel at home”.

Sherri Souriyya from Sri Lanka met many students from his own country at the Melbourne Royal Institute in Australia. He has many friends, enjoys life and does not suffer from homesickness. Student life is very easy for him.

How to use the Cultural Diversification Indicator?

It is a well known fact that every student is different. The Hotcourses Indicator is the ideal instrument to search for a university, a country or an academic specialisation, whatever the reasons for studying abroad are, whether it is cultural diversity, research or meeting home students.