3 Reasons to Visit and Study In The Netherlands

We all know how difficult it can be moving away from home. The temptation for so many is to move somewhere new and refreshing but still not too far from the safety net of friends and family. Of course we understand the temptation, but think about what you will be missing out on! Much like a young, ambitious and forward thinking footballer, you too could be jetting off to the continent for new sights, sounds and experiences.


Here are just a few reasons to consider the Netherlands before you potentially touch down in Schiphol!


1.      It’s cheap!

The living standard is peanuts compared to Britain or the US. Rent in Amsterdam is around 40% cheaper than London, on average, and this trend continues nationwide.


There is less of a burden after university also. Tuition fees are generally £1500 compared to Britain’s £9000 (!) per year. In combination with the several scholarships and grants available, including Erasmus, (which can often result in an absence of tuition fees) you will have far more spare cash to spend on yourself or for visiting local delights.


Indeed, if you are an EU student and work 32 hours per week, you will also have access to a free travel pass for the whole country. Travelling through the rolling fields of Gelderland or relaxing on the beaches of Zeeland will be a welcome and inspiring break from your studies.


2.      It’s incredibly vibrant and diverse! 

The Netherlands is renowned for being one the most multicultural countries on the planet. In 2015, students arrived there from 157 different countries, including China, Italy, Spain and the US.


The Dutch education system emphasizes teamwork, meaning there has to be constant adaptation and understanding with students from all over the world. Employers really value these skills and you will too once you enter the workspace.


3.      English is a primary language

The Netherlands offers so much and yet is still so familiar to those from the UK; it feels just like a home away from home. It is particularly attractive to British students as so many courses are taught in English, with English being a popular second language among locals as well.


When sat in a warm cozy coffee shop or jazz bar after a breezy, canal-side cycle down a cobbled street, with book and coffee resting beside you, you will experience an odd feeling of comfort. This isn’t your home, no, but you realize it really could be.


Indeed, if you love the Netherlands, and decide to continue there, a multitude of jobs will be available for advanced English speakers, including roles in aviation, the sciences and politics.


Of course, these few reasons barely scratch the surface of what studying in the Netherlands has to offer. Its beautiful vistas, innumerable waterways and fantastically kind people are just a few more. Their beer is also amazing, by the way. One article will not convince you to make such a bold move. But consider the Netherlands as a place to study, grow and develop in these key years. It will welcome you whatever you decide to do.