5 New Year resolutions for a perfect exchange program

 2014 has just started, but if you really want to study abroad, organize your new year’s plan right now! Make your own list and also follow our suggestions to help you reach all your objectives before and over your exchange program.


1. Learn a new language (or more)

Even if you already know English, studying abroad is an excellent opportunity to improve it. Even if you decide not to choose an English speaking country, you’ll surely practice it and other languages​​, by living with your exchange colleagues, classmates and teachers from all over the world. Make sure you take note of all unknown words and expressions you find: by the end of the year, they will already be part of your vocabulary.


2.  Travel to a different country

To start an exchange program means finding an adventure and break the routine, right? Then, pick a country and a city sharing few common things with your current life and absorb everything around you, from culture to academic acknowledgements and social life. Benefit from being in a different geographical location and join a touristic trip across the regions nerby or the neighbour countries during school holidays.


3. Do not leave anything for later

Just because you still have several months to the applications deadline at the universities you are interested in, it doesn’t mean it's too early to send the documents. On the contrary, presentation and recommendation letters, application forms, details on study visa and scholarship - all this takes time and if they’re not ready in advance, you’re risking running out of candidates. Besides that, some universities value the first applications received, especially in case of draw.


4. Join a multicultural group

Study abroad is much more than improving your resume: is making new friends, meeting people with different habits and distant backgrounds. This year, make an effort to interact with students from other countries and not just with your compatriots at school. When 2014 finishes, you will realize you’re much more accomplished and feeling that, anywhere you go, you’ll always have company.


5. Focus on gathering good school marks

Exchange programs advantages include conferring simultaneously personal and professional learning. Whether to keep up with the good results from last year or to upgrade your academic marks, draw a 2014 study plan and don’t let changes and trips be an excuse to disturb your results. Instead, show everyone that you’re able to organize a study trip and returning home with much more future guarantees than cultural baggage.