Are you looking for an unique experience abroad? To live and study in Indonesia might be a good option for you. With the most beautiful beaches in the world, a laid-back lifestyle, a bursting economy and an international education system, this big island on South-East Asia became one of the region's most multi-cultural destinations. 

1.                   The people

The national motto of Indonesia "Bhinneka tunggal ika" reflects the union of various distinct cultures. The variety of cultures affects society's daily life and makes the country even more interesting. You can enjoy various arts from different parts of Indonesia, a big variety of traditional foods, local traditions and religious beliefs. Moreover, Indonesian people are very friendly and enjoy life with a positive perspective. You will see people smiling everywhere at any time. The local culture is very different and makes the lives here interesting and a very enriching experience every day.

2.                   Affordable

Indonesia is a very affordable place to live especially if you have a foreign source of income. Gasoline is extremely cheap if compared to Europe (only around US$0.5 per litre). Food at restaurants is also lot cheaper compared to neighboring countries like Singapore and Malaysia and extremely cheap when compared to Europe or USA. Property is also not too expensive (yet) and you will be able to fulfill your primary and secondary needs easily in Indonesia.

3.                   Tourism

Indonesia has thousands of islands and some of the most famous diving spots and beaches in the world. The most famous is certainly Bunaken National Park, considered as one of the top 10 dive spots in the world. However, with 25 percent of world's coral reefs located in Indonesia, there are plenty of opportunities for divers. Besides Bunaken, other known diving areas are located around Lombok Island, channel between Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan, Sanighe Island (North Sulawesi), Biaro Island, Bangka Island etc.

Bali has become the number 1 tourist destination in Indonesia, but the country has many others tourist attractions, from tropical beaches and diving spots, to rare rainforest flora and fauna, volcanoes, hot springs, the country is a natural paradise.

4.                   Weather

Yup, sun shines here all year long with only short periods of rain between December and March. You will not have to experience cold winter seasons at all in Indonesia which makes it a very good place for those who do not like cold weather. There are many advantages of living in a tropical country, such as not having to buy new winter clothes each year; enjoying sun anytime during the year; no winter depression and ability to wear simple clothes such as a t-shirt all year long. Indonesia is a fantastic place to live for everyone who likes tropical weather. 

5.                   Food and Drink

Well, you can actually find any cuisine here in Indonesia. Besides, if you live in Indonesia you can enjoy lots of unique fruits that you won't be able to find in supermarkets in other countries such as fresh Mango, Rambutan, Bali fruit, Dragon fruit, snake fruit (salak), and many others. In Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, you can find a huge variety of food such as; Padang food (spicy), Balinese food, Manadonese food, and types of soto and satay from all over Indonesia. Additionally, there are lots of unique Chinese food and very cheap seafood.

Indonesia is the fourth largest exporters of coffee in the world. The majority of its production is Robusta coffee, but production and export of high quality Arabica coffee is slowly increasing. If you happen to be in Indonesia you can enjoy freshly roasted high quality coffee from Java, Sumatra, Aceh and other areas of Indonesia.

6.                   Dynamic Business Environment

One of the most interesting facts about doing business in Indonesia is that the markets are still relatively unexplored and full of opportunities. Considering its big population, consumer behavior and richness of natural resources, Indonesia has a huge potential and it is definitely a good place to invest.

7.                   Education

The Indonesia education system has developed substantially from the past. The adoption of international education system made local students more competitive and boosted the quality of the teaching.

8.                   Beliefs 

Indonesia contains the largest Muslim population in the world. It is estimated that 90% of the Indonesians are Muslims. This large number implies that approximately 13% of the total number of Muslims in the world lives in Indonesia, thus indicating that Indonesia contains a clear Muslim majority population. But despite the Muslim majority, the country is not ruled by Islamic law. The Indonesian Constitution guarantees freedom of religion. Indonesian government recognizes six official religions; Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism.