A Top City That Offers Students Great Opportunities

Australia is among the most sought-after destinations for students, but there is nothing like staying in Perth, considered one of the largest capitals in the country that still maintains its authentic culture. The best way to enjoy your exchange the Australian way. Explore bustling bars, sunny beaches, spectacular parks, quaint neighbourhoods and the charming colonial architecture of Perth. Not to mention the numerous job opportunities. Delight yourself with an ever-changing city that is passionate about the past and is open arms to the future.

Perth is the sunniest capital of Australia, with blue sky at 70% of the year. The wonderful climate and super clean air means the residents enjoy the outdoor life and the nature that the city offers year-round. The white sand beaches, surfing and the sunset in the Indian Ocean along with the Swan River are a significant part of the life and culture of the locals. Here is quality of life!

A city in the top 10 in the world yet still ranks among the cheapest? According to The Economist, Perth is the cheapest capital in Australia when it comes to basic expenses like accommodation, food, transportation and entertainment. All this without losing the great quality of life! The same source names Perth for over 10 years among the Top 10 best cities in the world to live in. The factors of this research take into consideration the stability, health, culture, infrastructure and of course the education!

During your studies you can explore one of the parks within the city called Kings Park, with more than 4,000m², it is one of the largest parks in the world (larger than Central Park), it's great for your workout, picnics, not to mention the great view of the city. It's a great way to live in a big city, but keep in touch with nature. At weekends you can enjoy a barbecue in the park or on the beach with friends at one of the barbecue grills that the city offers for free, or even take an invigorating dip in the blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

Located in the state of Western Australia, with more than 2 million people Perth is known as the most secluded city in the world. However, it is close to Asia with cheap flights, which makes it very easy and economical for students, who often use school holidays to visit Thailand and Bali in Indonesia, as well as many tourism options here, as we are in the largest state in Australia and the second largest in the world.

And when you want an even more paradisiacal place, on your doorstep is the island of Rottnest. It is only 19 kilometers from Perth, great for relaxing on one of more than 60 beaches, snorkelling on coral reefs, diving in wrecks and exploring the history of the place. And best of all is to be able to take a selfie with one of the smiling and friendly marsupials, quokka, that can only be found in Western Australia.