An Education Bargain: Why Don’t More Study in Romania?

Romania isn’t necessarily the first place that comes to mind when we think of travelling to study. It offers so much to students though; you would be crazy to not at least consider it.

Located in Eastern Europe, Romania has a population of around 20 million and borders with Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova and the Black Sea. Romania is around the same size as the United Kingdom, but has far more variety in its landscape.

There are mountains, including a stretch of the Carpathians, raging rivers, forests (some of the largest undisturbed in Europe) and warm, sandy beaches. In fact, most of the country is pleasant temperature-wise; completely unlike the stereotype of chilly Eastern Europe.

A centre point of Europe, Romania is home to a very wide range of cultures and people. Although the official language is Romanian, an additional 20 languages are recognised and used. Romanian universities can offer programs in Romanian, English, French and German. Many also provide the option for students to take a preparatory year studying the Romanian language.

There are 57 universities in Romania, with some of the best including Babes-Bolyai University, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, West University of Timisoara and the University of Bucharest, located in the nation’s capital.

Bucharest is one of the largest cities in Europe and a popular tourist destination for travellers across Europe; many are drawn for the bright and energetic nightlife as well as the broad selection of theatres, galleries and museums.

And of course, if you get a little tired of the nightlife, then Romania at large is a country of great natural beauty with lots of space and time for consideration, thought and inspiration.

Romania’s education fees and living costs are some of the cheapest in Europe and as member of the EU and EEA, university qualifications are recognised worldwide. If you would like a world-class education but at a fraction of the price, then Romania could be for you.