Explore Instagram from Your University Campus

It is not a secret that Instagram is something of a window on the world, a platform in which you share adventures, memories, landscapes, colours and even more importantly, the best experiences.

Academic campuses offer a huge variety of activities and facilities designed for the well-being of their students. Capturing the perfect moment at times, is a matter of perspective. Each person has their own way of seeing and experiencing a place of study in a personal and subjective way. But Instagram can be a perfect ally to link you to your loved ones and reflect your lifestyle.

Being a student abroad is one of the best experiences that someone can have, so if you are studying in your dream university far from home or you are thinking about doing it, why not share your life through your Instagram account. Here we will tell you our tips to spread your academic and recreation days with your followers.

One of the best experiences of studying abroad is certainly to realise the great cultural diversity that we can find around us. Regardless of your gender, skin colour, preferences, interests, political, sexual and religious guidance, you will always find the ideal place for you inside your university campus.

All these characteristics determine your personality and lifestyle. You must keep in mind that in the campus of your choice, you can give a space to your way of thinking and the settings that govern your daily routine. Different institutions have everything designed for you to develop and practice a myriad of activities in the best environment possible.

A Space for You

World-class educative institutions direct their efforts towards the formation of integral professionals, trained thanks to the combination of diverse academic and sociocultural aspects that turn their students into ambassadors of their image abroad. For this reason, now we can see hundreds of Instagram posts of young people who dreamed and dared to explore the different places of their university campus.

A healthy lifestyle

If you are an innate athlete, the campus facilities of your dreams are fitted with the best sports centres; from athletics tracks and Olympic swimming pools to soccer, basketball and volleyball courts. These spaces are ideal to show the development of your daily activities in platforms as Instagram, where in addition to sharing your personal interests, you can make yourself known in front of the academic community around you.

A good post requires imagination and creativity, so we recommend you using features such as Boomerang at the time to share a story to your Instagram account. This will make a dynamic and fun to your post about that sport that you usually practice.

Take advantage of the best landscape and share with your followers the incredible places that you have reached. Why not to take a picture with your team during your basketball game? Or do a short video while running on the athletic track? The most powerful weapon that you have is your imagination, so let it fly and you may be surprised.

If you are not an athlete but still have a healthy lifestyle, why not post those habits that you enjoy so much? For instance, if you enjoy pleasant moments meditating or practicing a discipline such as yoga, it is ideal to identify a quiet place inside your university. It can be a silent place that connects you with the nature like the spaces surrounded by trees, gardens or simply outdoors.

These activities usually fill your life with positive energy and good thoughts. Perhaps you should consider sharing an image or a video on your Instagram and of course, complement it with a good motivational message or quote to transmit to the community that follows you. Do not forget that spontaneity and naturalness are basic aspects in the exercise of this type of practices.

Passionate about food

Nowadays, one of the most popular trends on Instagram and other digital platforms is food porn. Fans of food around the world share through their publications their gastronomic tastes with amazing photographs and generate a chain of craving and recommendation of places that everyone should know.

If you are a food lover, your Instagram can become very popular. Hundreds of students abroad spend their free time exploring gastronomic places in and out of their universities. On many occasions a post with an exquisite meal can attract attention, so do not miss the delicious appearance of your lunch or snack and share it with your followers so they can crave a little.

Instagram offers thousands of pictures about food or videos with delicious and innovative recipes. So, if you are the kind of person who likes to cook, you could explore the network and surprise your community sharing a delicious recipe.

It’s important to explore the culinary alternatives that you have at your fingertips, you will get a huge variety of the best gastronomy you can imagine inside your campus. All the meals of the day are a perfect opportunity to share a pleasant moment with your friends. Do not hesitate to capture the ideal moment and immortalize on Instagram your best experiences.

Cultural convergence

As we mentioned previously, the experience of studying abroad leads to incredible cultural diversity. Apart from meeting hundreds of persons from different countries during your stay abroad, you will experience traditions and cultural customs which are completely different. Do not hesitate to share with the world the cultural environment in which you are located.

If you attend a cultural event or behold a traditional show, posting it on Instagram could be a good idea. Using the option of multiple pictures will allow you to share the same event seen from different perspectives and of course, will let your followers behold a little more about the environment you are in.

It’s important to be open minded to the differences. Living with different people could take you to unimaginable places or to live unforgettable experiences. The best way to remember a situation or a place, is capturing the important moments that you live in your daily life. When posting on Instagram do not forget to tag or mention the people you are with, it could be a good opportunity to expand your personal or professional network.

Walls that tell stories

Apart from being a gallery of your lifestyle, Instagram is a platform in which you can share your hobbies and passions. Whether you like photography or you are a lover of history, your university campus or study destination will be surrounded by life, forms and an interesting infrastructure. Therefore, is good to explore the range of filters and descriptions that you can add to your post.

Connecting with locals is essential; no one knows better the history or the places you can visit than they do. Keep in mind that the bases laid in the construction of the buildings of your campus hold history, art and a myriad of knowledge that you could share through your profile.

For example, McGill University of Montreal, Canada has the memory of James McGill, founder and donor of the land on which the second best university of the country was built for the last 14 years. Just like this one, you can find hundreds of stories about universities around the world. And admittedly social media such as Instagram are an alternative to reflect and tell your followers the secrets and stories you come to know during your stay abroad.

Practical Tips to Use Instagram Like a Professional

A little about you

Don’t underestimate the bio of your Instagram account. This is the perfect space to write a short personal description and it will be the first thing that people see when they make the decision to follow you. We recommend that you put basic but important information such as your name, age, place of residence, the kind of program you study, the university or college where you study and maybe a few things you that interest you or identify you.

This description can be the first impression you give to those strangers interested in following you and of course, it will reflect an essential part of your personality and the type of things they will find on your profile.

Hashtags (#)

Hashtags are a useful and successful tool to use with the pictures you post on Instagram. In this way, you can attract a community that identifies with the kind of content that defines and represents you. It’s very important to relate each keyword with the video or photo you share with your followers. There will be evidence of your imagination at the time to socialize your daily activities.

Keep in mind that an ideal hashtag will position you in the search engines of the platform and you will be visible in front a bigger social group, such as your academic community, generating a great impact on the interactions of your publication.


If you are a person that is constantly active with your profile posts, undoubtedly the Instagram stories are a perfect tool to continue interacting with your followers. In them you have the possibility of posting short videos, pictures or interactive photos in an alternative way, which will have a maximum visibility of 24 hours.

It is a function that allows you to share different, unique and ephemeral moments during your day that you may not want to keep within your personal gallery. Stories also, have a lot of options that can help you to develop different and striking content. For example, when publishing a photo or video you have the possibility to add GIFs, stickers, emojis, surveys, mentions and locations amongst others. This kind of alternative presents the best space to show and share your creativity, sense of humour, personality traits and interests with your followers.

Also, stories offer the opportunity to make photos or videos with tools like Boomerang, superzoom, rewind and hands-free. These are options with which you can play to get the best post. Finally, you will find the possibility of making live videos, which allow you to have a direct and bilateral communication with your followers. So, if you are in a pleasant moment inside your university campus, do not hesitate to make a live video so that your online community can follow each one of your experiences in real time.

You are what you post

When making a post on Instagram, you should think if this could bring you some future problems. Many analysts specialize in social media to identify the worker profile they want for available vacancies and you can’t afford to waste a good opportunity for a post that probably don’t represent you.

Think about what you love and be natural at the time to share content. This will surely bring benefits and remembrance among those who follow your steps in the photographic platform of the moment. Keep in mind and never forget that in front the world you are what you post.

Tell the world where you are

Believe it or not, Instagram’s geolocation service can work in favour of you in many ways. By this means, you can tell the world where you are located and if it were not enough, to add a picture of the place you live will make you visible in front of the academic community that wants to explore your profile.

Flirting, making friends and getting a job are some of the benefits you can get by adding your location in a photo. The more clearly you offer in your posts, it will be easier to move around the virtual world focused on the achievement of academic and professional goals.

Regardless of your ideological affinities, it is very important that you don’t forget to enjoy the environment you are in and make the most out of it.

Explore, imagine and reflect on each day of your experience studying abroad. Do not forget the myriad of tools that connect you with your loved ones and dare to post an unforgettable photo that perfectly describes the experiences of your campus or studies destination.