5 tips to improve your English (with videos)

If you’re an international student learning English, these five tips provided by LOI English will really help you improve your English fast.


1. Learn when to use adjectives with “ed,” or “ing.” Many students confuse the endings of adjectives, and say things like “I am boring,” when they mean to say, “I am bored.” The video below will make the difference easy to understand.


2. Learn to use the second conditional. It is a somewhat difficult grammatical structure, but it is important for expressing complex ideas. Watch the animated video below for a great explanation.


3. Pronounce words ending in “ed” correctly. Say “walked” and “kissed” out loud. Did it sound like “walk-ed” and “kiss-ed” or did it sound like “walkt” and “kisst?” When the root of a word ends in a “d” or “t” sound, we say the “ed.” So words like “state” become “state-ed” and words like “brand” become “brand-ed” when spoken. With words that end in other sounds, like walk and kiss, the “ed” makes a “t” sound, without an extra syllable. This may sound like a small difference to you, but it makes your English sound much better to native speakers.


4. Learn your phrasal verbs! Do you know the difference between “look for” and “look out?” These are difficult, but if you can learn one new phrasal verb a day you’ll have covered almost all the spoken phrasal verbs we use in English in a year.


5. Start Speaking! Imagine trying to learn soccer by memorizing facts about soccer, playing games on your phone that teach you about soccer, and reading books about soccer. Crazy, right? It’s the same thing with English. To learn, you need to use it in real conversations with real people. Try our live, individual classes today!


Source: LOI English